Christopher Nolan

2014 October Gigs: 158 - 162 From Comedy at Crown to Society

From back pain to Interstellar, it was an interesting week for my new routines as they entered their awkward teenage years.

2014 Gig One Hundred and Twenty Four: Edinburgh Fringe and Robin Williams

A tribute to Robin Williams here at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Gig Fifty Eight: Fan Fiction Comedy and Gig Fifty Nine: Victoria Hotel

A little bit of Fan Fiction comedy, possibly my favourite show that I have seen at the festival and then a fun night at my solo show makes for a successful Thursday at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Gig 38 and 39: Fan Fiction Comedy and Bad Comedy Gigs

Two gigs performed, one show seen and a fun night all round. This entry also contains the first of three stories I'm writing for Fan Fiction Comedy so prepare to geek out.

Circular: Inspiration

An exploration of all the stuff that influenced my new show "Circular". Only for those nerdy enough to want to peer deep into the show, otherwise ignore and enjoy the swearing when you see me live.