2014 Gig One Hundred and Thirty Two: Battle of the Superheroes and Gig One Hundred and Thirty Three: Edinburgh

A superhero smack down, a super clown singing and an Australian comedy super star attending my show made up my final Monday in Edinburgh.

Gig Fifty Eight: Fan Fiction Comedy and Gig Fifty Nine: Victoria Hotel

A little bit of Fan Fiction comedy, possibly my favourite show that I have seen at the festival and then a fun night at my solo show makes for a successful Thursday at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

2014 Gig Twenty Five: Adelaide Fringe and Gig Twenty Six: The Gov

Another night with two gigs and some important people in the audience for the solo show. Also: how do comic book pages inspire moments of stand up and how did True Detective influence my performance?

Gig 38 and 39: Fan Fiction Comedy and Bad Comedy Gigs

Two gigs performed, one show seen and a fun night all round. This entry also contains the first of three stories I'm writing for Fan Fiction Comedy so prepare to geek out.