The Toff in Town

2014 Gig Forty Six: The Shelf

The first night of The Shelf for the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival was a corker, possibly one of the best!

2014 Gig Forty: The Toff In Town

A sneak preview of "Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994" was the reward for people who bought season tickets to The Shelf and were a part of a night where everything came together quite nicely.

Gig 146: The Shelf

I can be hard work sometimes behind the scenes but I like shows and comedians to reach for perfection especially when it is time for The Shelf

Gig 142: The Shelf

Cupcakes! Superheroes! Stolen phones! Things we can't talk about! Just another night at The Shelf really.

Gig 113: The Shelf

The final night of season 7 of The Shelf clocks in at 4 hours! Yikes!

Gig 109: The Shelf

Another great night at The Shelf with season 7 looking like our best yet.

Gig 54: The Shelf

The finale of The Shelf had a fake Justin, video footage, a teddy bear microphone, legends of comedy and an Oscar speech. Just a typical show really...

Gig 40: The Shelf

Another really fun night at The Shelf which included American comedians, sketches and giant men carrying me yet again to the stage.

Gig 33: The Shelf

The Shelf is back better than ever and nobody can derail our fun...even drunk lonely women sitting alone in the audience.