David Bowie

2014 Gig Seventeen: New Delhi

A brilliant heat of Raw Comedy in New Delhi and some karaoke top off a pretty great couple of days in New Delhi...except for the people who heard Kate and I murder some songs.

Gig 38 and 39: Fan Fiction Comedy and Bad Comedy Gigs

Two gigs performed, one show seen and a fun night all round. This entry also contains the first of three stories I'm writing for Fan Fiction Comedy so prepare to geek out.

Just Another Manic Friday

Ever wondered what it would be like to live with a comedian while they're writing their show? Then this blog should put you right off any romantic pre-conceptions.

Music, Movies and Shows

A quick flick through the week where movies were seen, music was listened to, shows were written and superstition was once again defeated.

Circular: Inspiration

An exploration of all the stuff that influenced my new show "Circular". Only for those nerdy enough to want to peer deep into the show, otherwise ignore and enjoy the swearing when you see me live.