2015 Blog Eight:  Gigs 33 - 37:  Adelaide Fringe

Having been in Adelaide for a few days I was keen to get my show up and running. It has been fun watching a lot of my friends perform their new shows but it left me champing at the bit to get rolling too.  After the success and fun of the Perth Fringe I wanted to regain that momentum as quickly as possible.  My venue is up and in the corner at the Campanile tent and while I'm close to where the amusement rides take place the noise bleed is not too brutal.  I've definitely lucked out so far.

So far the shows have been on from the 2nd - 5th of March and the set list is an easy one:


Breaking down the four shows is easy as the enjoyment factor has been the same but there were slight differences in all the shows.  The first show was pretty tight for a first night. The energy of getting back on stage with it was quite high and it was nice to feel myself get back into the cadence of the show very quickly.

The second night was fun but I was a little sloppy.  I don't think anyone would have noticed anything (I'm certain only I did because I'm the only person who has been at all of the shows!) but I left out a couple of things (including the "Snacks!" song!) and I mucked up a name for a character.  It happened early in the routine and I was able to talk my way through it without anyone knowing but as I stated above it was a little sloppy.  This can happen on the second or third night.  You don't have the buzz of the opening show but you also don't know the show back to front so this wasn't a huge surprise to me.

The third night was the best one so far.  It was tight and a little more playful.  I found some extra gags in the show that made me pretty happy.

The fourth night was good but I had a slightly sluggish beginning.  I know that it was the first night I had noticed the noise of the rides but after a few minutes I realised it wasn't going to get any louder so I can ease back a little.  I think over the next couple of nights I'll be aware of the noise even more as the weekend kicks in but hopefully I'm across it now so it won't be too annoying.

I also squeezed in an appearance at a fund raiser tribute of fellow comedian Deanne Smith. She's had to cancel her Adelaide season due to some personal reasons so a bunch of us did a show at the room she was meant to be performing in.  Everyone involved either told stories about Deanne or some of us even did a little of her material.  For my part in it I did a little of both so the set list was:

Deanne Smith Show - March 5th


Touring Queensland

Bomb Chucker

It was really difficult memorising Deanne's material because her cadence and approach is so different to mine but it was a fun exercise.  I hope the audience enjoyed it and I hope when Deanne gets an opportunity to see the video she gets a kick out of it too.

Big weekend ahead with solo shows, late shows and day time gigs so plenty to report on next week.

Justin Hamilton

6th of March, 2015