I flew into Adelaide a few days before my Fringe season of “Snacks!” opens to not only jump up at some late night gigs but also take the opportunity to see a few of my friends’ shows.  In the first four days I managed to check out Tom GleesonTom BallardSam SimmonsPuddles Pity Party and Cal Wilson.  (All in that order as well.)  Everyone’s shows were top notch and it was inspiring to see all the acts producing polished works so early in the festival season.

One name up there might confuse you and that is Puddles Pity Party.  Puddles is a six foot eight silent clown.  He engages in a lot of audience participation and the only time he makes any noise is when he sings.  Puddles has a voice that reminds me of Scott Walker and his covers are fantastic.

Great show, really worth checking out.  If you want to hear him sing click on this.

My first gig in town was at Adelaide Uni for O-Week with a bill that included:  Lori BellLuke McGregor, GleesonSimmons and Dave Hughes.  I haven’t performed at Adelaide Uni in such a long time.  When I first started out in the duo the Bunta Boys it was a regular gig so it was an interesting experience heading back there for this show.  It was a fun gig that started off my Adelaide Fringe nicely.  Here’s the set list:

26th of February – Adelaide Uni Gig

-Kid at Captain America

-20s, 30s, 40s

-Car Accident in Adelaide

-Invite to Parties

-Hairy Baby

-Tripping and Farting

-Glitter in Invitations

-People Wearing Your Glasses

-Islamic Writing

What I attempted to do was pick a set list that would appeal to young adults and in the process was quite punchy.  I didn’t want to talk about some of the stuff I’ve got from my show too much because I don’t think in a short spot it would be the type of stuff young uni students could relate to.  What I did discover though was that I could take one of my jokes (Islamic Writing) and add it to a couple of older jokes for a new context.  That was a nice surprise and one that just happened on stage.  It is interesting what the brain can do on the fly.

Over the next two nights (the Friday and Saturday) I squeezed in spots at the Rhino Room Late Show.  Both nights I tried to do different sets to not only entertain any potential repeat customers but also to use that stage time to blow out the cobwebs for material from my show.  The two set lists were:

27th of February:  Rhino Room – Late Show

-Can’t Drink Anymore

-Before the Internet

28th of February:  Rhino Room – Late Show

-Getting older is bullshit

-20s, 30s, 40s

-NYE 2015

-Snacks Song

-If I wanted to be rude

-Entitled To My Opinion

-Speaks Islamic

-Bjork Album


Both gigs were fun and a good opportunity to get back into the rhythm of material from the new show.  As of tonight (March 2nd) I start a run of 14 days straight of shows so I’m itching to get into the swing of things.  After the improvement I could feel in PerthI’m hoping that by the end of this week the show will have found a new gear and will be able to take the routines to another level.  Also it is just fun to know that we’re finally kicking off here in Adelaide.

Justin Hamilton

2nd of March, 2015