2015 BLOG 14: MICF WEEK THREE: GIGS 91 – 100

On the 9th of April I had what is being referred to as the Codral Show.

I was given an over the counter super strong Codral to take before my show that would blow the rest of my cold out of my system.  What I didn’t know was just how strong it was and with a nice mix of adrenalin it really had me flying.  There were moments I was onstage convinced I was moving at a speed that resembled the old footage we have of Don Bradman:  just a bit too quick and with weird edits.  I let me audience know early on that this had gone down and they appeared to be delighted at this turn of events. Since the show ended up being one of the best for this run I have learned no lessons and I’m convinced this will be the beginning of the end of my career.  All it takes is on super strong Codral to show you how good you can be at stand up and ten years from now I’ll be borrowing money from strangers off the street for just one more hit.

Of course I could be totally wrong.  I was quite clearly out of head during the whole show and I might actually be the last person you should be asking about the gig.  Was the whole ad lib about Sting that funny?  Was the idea that if I’d been a fan of his for the last three decades the show would have contained more yoga and less ha ha a solid one?  On the night I was convinced it was a corker but the following day I wondered if I resembled Cameron Diaz in the first “Charlie’s Angels” movie.  I’ll stick with it being a corker thank you.  Hopefully any punters that were there would be so kind as to not correct me if in fact my entire interpretation was indeed wrong.

I kept it pretty low key on the Friday night as well.  I wanted to keep the focus on the show and once I felt like I was over the cold then I would begin to add more gigs back to the schedule.  Being sick had been a grind and I have felt tired ever since.  By the time the Saturday came about I was ready to test my toes with extra gigs.  First up was the Shelf podcast with Adam Richard and guests Anne Edmonds and Geraldine Hickey. That was a fun afternoon that required very little in the way of heavy lifting.

After the podcast I made an appearance at 5 on 5 at 5 for the Imperial Hotel.  I had been disappointed with my last few spots there but they had also been at the height of my cold so I was determined to make up for it.  The set list was:


20s, 30s, 40s

Car Accident

Invite to Parties

Hairy Baby

Bad Date

This was a much better spot and I walked away from the room feeling much happier. Then it was off for another performance of “Snacks!”  This night was another sold out show and it was another fun audience.  I’ve been very lucky that my audiences have been fantastic (especially through the sick shows) and this has allowed the show to continue evolving over the course of the run.

From there I returned to the Imperial Hotel for the Late Show.  I was feeling pretty good and my voice was holding up so here was another opportunity for me to make up for the previous weekend.  The set list was:

Tripping and Farting

Hurt My Back

Mum and Puss

“I Don’t Give a Hoot!”

Hushed Angry Conversation

Sperm Bank Joke


A great fun late show that capped the night off nicely.  Then it was straight to bed before I became too cocky and figured I was 100% back to health.  I took it easy the following morning before travelling in for another Shelf podcast with Adam and another spot at 5 on 5 at 5.  The Sunday set list was:

NYE Woman

Abs or Interesting


Islamic Writing

Bjork Album

Scouts Gig

Another spot that was a lot of fun.  I was beginning to feel like I was almost there physically but it appears that the best I can hope for at this point is about 85% full health. From here it will only get right back on track once I have 24 hours of no performing and can fully rest.  That will be enough to get through the rest of the Melbourne Comedy Festival though.

My show “Snacks!” was another fun one on the Sunday night and without getting ahead of myself it has had a pretty good strike rate.  It has been a fun show and I think that has come across with the audiences.

On Monday the 13th it was time for the finale of season 11 of The Shelf.  I had entered this season thinking it might be time to move on and had approached every show as it was possibly going to be the last.  I thought this season has been the best yet and I like the idea of going out on a high.  It was a mammoth show too with this as our line up:


Justin Hamilton

Adam Richard

Wil Anderson

Cal Wilson

Dave Anthony

Aunty Donna

Puddles Pity Party

Tegan Higginbotham

Gareth Reynolds

Leigh Qurban

Will Sylvince

Damien Callinan

Josh Earl

Tessa Waters

Ray Badran

Geraldine Hickey

Rohan Desai

Ryan Good

Willie Caldwell

That turned out to be a four hour show.  And everyone on the bill killed.  Killed.  It was easily one of the best nights of comedy I’ve been a part of.  I was so proud and exhilarated by everyone who was on the bill just bringing their best to the stage and leaving nothing behind.  I had a very fun opening (for the frequent Shelvers I think we’ll always remember #HammoWins) and just rode the night from there.  In fact the set list for my opening was:

Bunta Boys 


It was all brand new material locked into an opening that just seemed to connect with an audience that was on board from the word go.  The night ended up being so wonderful that I changed my mind about giving it away.  Life is short and who knows how long I’ll be in a position that I can make shows like The Shelf?  You never know in this industry so while I can keep making a show that is fun and connects with a lot of people I should maintain the course I am already on.  We’ll be back with The Shelf in August and that has appeared to be the best decision yet.

Justin Hamilton

15th of April, 2015

Fitzroy North