This was a slightly different gig to the usual night at The Comic’s Lounge.

Over the past couple of months they’ve been hosting a night where established comedians worked on new material and new comedians worked on establishing themselves.  Not only that but the host of these nights would come in earlier and work with the new acts on everything from writing, technique and approach to their careers.

My intention in the workshop was to show the new comedians how they can expand their material.  A lot of the time what separates the open mic comedian from the headliner is that both acts will look at a situation and come up with the same first joke. The difference with the headliner is that he or she will then expand on the first joke and turn it into a longer routine.  When we all start out we’re fine at finding the first joke but the next two, three, four jokes are where we struggle.

I enjoy these workshops because it is not only fun to pass on whatever knowledge you have but it is also a good way to remember and refine the skills you have.  For the first half an hour I showed the acts how they can expand their material.  I talked about what it is like to run rooms.  I explained the best way to find more opportunities and how to approach the different rooms around town.  It was a fun workshop and after just under two hours I felt like I’d only managed to get through half of what I was keen to talk about.  If they continue to run any extra workshops later in the year I’ll have to see if I can get another opportunity to work with the new comics.

After the workshop I had about a half hour to get myself into show mode.  After you’ve pontificated for nearly two hours on how to approach stand up you really need to then nail the gig.  Everybody has a bad day at work but I really couldn’t afford for this to be the day or it would have unravelled all the work I’d just done!  Luckily for me there were a couple of hundred people at the gig and it was a really strong night.

17th of February – The Comic’s Lounge

1st Half:

-Getting older is bullshit

-20s, 30s, 40s

-NYE 2015

-Snacks Song

-If I wanted to be rude

-Entitled To My Opinion

-Speaks Islamic

-Opinions are like arseholes

-Bjork Album


2nd Half

-Can’t Drink Anymore

-Before the Internet

All the acts did a great job and I used this as an opportunity to hone my material before heading to the Perth Fringe.  I enjoyed this night a lot and hope the Loungecontinues to work their Tuesday nights in a similar fashion.  It might be more difficult after the Festivals since not as many established comedians will be working on new material but hopefully it will be a night the returns sooner rather than later.  If you’re in the North Melbourne area I think there will be shows like this until mid March so if you’re a fan of comedy and the process then this is a great night to go down.  You not only get to see new comics learning the ropes but headliners working on their new material.  A fun night.

Justin Hamilton

24th of February, 2015

Fitzroy North