2014 Gig One Hundred and Forty: Edinburgh Fringe

As the construction started bang on 7am I had one eye open involuntarily and then my other eye opened in slow acquiescence as there was nothing else it could do.  The previous day I had stayed in bed in silent protest but this day I had to get up.  I checked my emails and found a message had just arrived from my friend comedian Mickey D.  I replied to find out what he was up to and it turned out Mickey was about to take his child up to "Arthur's Seat" for a morning walk.  I decided this would be a good way to start the day so the three of us had an early morning walk.  The last time Mickey and I had walked up to "Arthur's Seat" was back in 2001 and were up to all sorts of mischief.  This time it looked more like this:  

We look like a lovely gay couple with our adopted daughter.


While I was up there I also bumped into two thirds of the Perth musical comedy group "Suns of Fred" so to mark the occasion we had this photo taken:


Height wise I would fit nicely with this band as the "short one".


After a hike back down to the car and then it was back into the city to run some errands. By the time I was done I was back home finishing off some work before heading into the precinct to nail some flyering and then prepare for the show.  It was a big house last night continuing the trend of weekend crowds and they were one of the best audiences.  My set list was:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


It was another good show and continues the good fortune I've had here.  What surprised me was that Mickey D had snuck in to watch the gig and since he is mentioned in the tale it was fun to have him in the audience.  As I've stated in previous blogs the show is ticking along nicely and it is now about riding this out for the rest of the Fringe.  I've had such a great time here and I'm also beyond the fatigue I was feeling earlier in the week.  I'm guessing that is because the finish line is finally in sight.  A little holiday awaits me before I get back into things in Australia and I am going to embrace doing bugger all for a week. This is the hardest festival in the world and I'm happy with how it has played out. Except for the construction work but hey, what are you going to do?  It can't be a perfect experience, right?

After the gig I caught up with friends including Sam Simmons and Dave Hughes at the Underbelly.  It has been nice seeing those two lads in particular as I don't get to see much of them when we're back home.  One of the highlights of being away from home is being able to catch up with your friends.  It is hilarious that you have to come half way around the world to find the time and space to see each other.

Two shows to go and I'm feeling like I've timed this correctly.  Come Sunday night I'll be done but before that there are still two more shows and one appearance at Set List to go. I'll keep that in the back of my mind as I race towards the finishing line.


Justin Hamilton

23rd of August, 2014