2014 Gig One Hundred and Twenty Eight: Best of the Fest and Gig One Hundred and Twenty Nine: Edinburgh Fringe

After not much sleep the previous night it was my opportunity to host the day time "Best of the Fest" down in the Gardens.  I had hosted one of the shows earlier in the run and was pretty happy with how it had gone but still figured I could do better.  I made a decision before I arrived at the venue that I was going to use the audience more in my opening set to help generate some early energy.  The set list was:  

The Kid at Captain America

"I Don't Give a Hoot!"

Hushed Angry Conversations

Turning 40!

Invite To Parties

Never Act On a Crush


I'll have to update the title for "The Kid at Captain America" as it has evolved to such an extent that it bears little resemblance to the original form that it took.  It is a nice piece that has some energy to it and it feels like it will take a place in my next show.  It went down a treat with the audience and helped get me off to a cracker start.  I thought my energy for the whole gig was positive and that also helped me keep command of the audience that were well over 300 for the day time gig.  The gig itself was also a cracker and possibly my favourite show that I've been a part of outside of my solo show.  The line up consisted of Dan Clark, The Panic Brothers, Harriet Kemsley and the duo of Christina Bianco and Velma Celli and everyone nailed their spots.


Dan Clark opened the show.


The Panic Brothers were up next.


Followed by Harriet Kemsley.


Christina Bianco and Velma Celli closed the show.


Later in the day it was my friend's daughter's 10th birthday and I decided I would buy her some books knowing that she is a big fan of the Harry Potter novels.  While I was in the book store I bumped into David O'Doherty who has just released his book "Danger Is Everywhere" for kids. I bought one for my friend and one for me of course.


David O'Doherty with his book!


David even appears in his book!


Then it was off for my solo show which meant the set list was:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


There was a big audience in for the show which was fantastic.  The weekends have been really good for the show and after the slow beginning to the week it has been great to have the room full again.  There were some mild disruptions up the back from a few guys who were mildly rowdy but overall they were fine and easily dealt with.  I think I've said this before but if anyone is going to be antsy in the show it is usually men.  I think the show definitely has a softer touch to it and therefore "blokes and geezers" might find it a bit difficult to watch.  Yet that would be unfair to a lot of the guys I talked to after the show who were really into the story and wanted to hang around for a chat.

I think that might be my favourite part of the season.  There have been a large number of people who hang around for small chats after the show and when they've said their piece they move on to quickly get to other shows or start the drinking...or both.  I also had an old friend of my family come to the show with her husband.  I hadn't seen her in years and actually first met her back in 1980 when Mum and I visited Scotland.  It is hilarious to see us as grown ups now.  Of course she's more of a grown up than me with her husband and child but I do have grey in my beard so that has to count for something.

A good friend of mine came to the afternoon show and took some photos of me onstage. Check out this one and tell me if this guy isn't feeling the fatigue:


G'day Captain Hunch!


As of today we're down to single digits with the amount of shows left.  Single digits! It feels like it has gone so quickly...yet at the same time I've been away forever.


Justin Hamilton

16th of August, 2014