2014 Gig One Hundred and Thirty: Edinburgh Fringe

Last night was the best show of the festival for me. I had a pretty late night on Friday and not much sleep (again!) before heading out to lunch with some friends.  I returned home to do some work and grab a quick nap before heading back into the city to see this guy here:


Luke McGregor looking pretty ghostly at the beginning of his show.


Luke was in fine form and after seeing him in his own show off the back of the sterling work he does with Sam Simmons I would say he is having a great run in Edinburgh. I chatted with Luke for the podcast, grabbed a bite to eat and then headed backstage to prepare for the show.  I'd had a couple of friends lament their nights saying it was the toughest show they'd endured of their run.  I was feeling pretty tired and had a mild sense of dread as well.  Luckily for me I had the biggest and best audience of the run arrive. From the moment I was greeting the punters at the door there were a lot of listeners of my podcast ("Can You Take This Photo Please?") in the audience and everyone else was just buzzing with a positive energy.  The set list was a simple one:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


This was the perfect audience to have arrive at your show when you're feeling tired. They gave me a lot of energy and in return I found myself not only performing at a higher level but ad libbing more with the audience.  It was also nice to have another packed room. I've enjoyed the up and down nature of the festival but it does make you feel like every show is opening night.  There doesn't appear to be much in the way of momentum and I guess even if there is it is so watered down with the fact that there are so many other shows on at the moment.  With punters spread out all over the precinct it is difficult to get a read on what shows have proper buzz etc.


Another photo taken from the "Best of the Fest" hosting job I did on Friday.


As of this show we're down to single digits for the amount of shows left for my run in Edinburgh.  Last night's audience came along at the perfect time to help get me over the fatigue I'm beginning to feel.  I've worked pretty hard at festivals before but this has been something different.  While it has been great the little challenges that pop up every day just keep you slightly off balance.  This is why I came here of course. Sometimes you have to teach an old dog new tricks and I've hopefully learned a few while I've been here.  Yet sometimes you're not up for learning, you just need to endure.  So a big thank you to every punter who came along last night.  You made the show a cracking night and really sent me home after my gig in a great mood.


Justin Hamilton

17th of August, 2014