2014 Gig One Hundred and Twenty One: Edinburgh Fringe

I've been feeling fairly flat today. No real reason apart from the fact the construction work across the road kicked in at 7am yet again.  I've had a friend suggest that I use some ear plugs to sleep but there is something mildly claustrophobic about that to me.  I may have to resort to this suggestion as the lack of sleep is sapping my energy.  The flyering side of things and the shows are all really good but a good deep sleep that isn't ruined by what appears to the beginning of Billy Joel's "Allenttown" every morning is a must.

I wandered about the city for a while, spoke to a friend on the phone and then returned home for a nap.  That nap lead to me waking up feeling quite out of it and so I went back to sleep for what I think ended up being too long in the end.  By the time I was up and about it was time to sort my stuff out and head into the precinct for my show.  I caught up with fellow comedians Geraldine Hickey and Taco who are flyering for me and also had a an opportunity to chat with my friend Susan.  After that it was time to get ready for my show.  The set list was:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


It was a good audience for Friday night that were into the show from the beginning. That is except for one dude who sat at the end with his arms crossed for the whole show.  It was funny.  I could tell he didn't really want to be there from the start.  His mate laughed a lot but "Angry Pants Man" wouldn't have a bar of it.  Had he been taken away from meeting a nice girl?  Had he seen this hour as a great opportunity to smash down some cider and eat some snacks?  Maybe he just didn't like the cut of my jib?  Either way it was making me laugh throughout the show.  Once upon a time that one person would have thrown me but now I just find it fascinating.


I can't see the show but I love the action in Tom Rhodes' poster.


It has been interesting over the festivals that I have found some men have had issues with the show whereas the women have definitely seemed to enjoy it the most.  I talked about this with my director Declan and his partner had offered the idea that it is for the most part quite a feminine tale.  Men appear throughout the show and it does explore certain types of masculinity but for the most part the strongest images are those of women.  This hasn't changed with this Edinburgh version of the show either.

I'm not saying all men have hated it and all women have loved it but for the most part when there has been a negative reaction it has been a guy.  Maybe it is because guys like more obvious jokes in their routines?  Women have a finer taste for subtlety perhaps? Once again these are generalisations but something interesting to ponder. The rest of the audience was right into it and it was another fun performance.

After the show though I felt no desire to hang out with anyone.  I grabbed a bite to eat and made my way home.  That mildly flat feeling is one that usually appears after a tough gig but apart from one stroppy dude this was an excellent night. I wonder if it is just the lack of sleep.  Either way I took it as a sign to quietly retire from the night and head home. I don't feel sad or depressed or anything like that.  Just a sense of flatness that I didn't have the fight in me to try and buck out of.  Hopefully with a good night's sleep I can buck that feeling and get back the energy that was sorely missed throughout this day.


Justin Hamilton

9th of August, 2014