2014 Gig One Hundred and One: Comedy at Crown

I had a week between gigs in which time I planned on working on a lot of little projects that I need to get up to speed.  Instead I did the work that I had to do and spent the rest of the time obsessing over my Blu Ray edition of True Detective.  While the week struggled with productivity it was definitely fulfilling if you enjoy going over stuff you love with a fine tooth comb.  It also gave me a week to have a think about my hosting job for the final show at Crown for this season. I had talked with the previous hosts about the room and everyone agreed that it took a little bit of effort to get the shows rolling.  Once the audience was warmed up the show was great but it definitely took some elbow grease to get it on the move.  With that in mind I spent the previous week talking to the audience up front and then used some material where I walked around the audience and broke the fourth wall. It appeared to work the week before as it jolted the audience into paying attention very early. Nothing worst for an audience member than to suddenly see the host sitting alongside them with the fear that they will make the punter a part of the show.  I'll show you the set list and then we'll get into talking about the show,


Mick Neven had a great set for his first gig at Crown.



Set List One


Riffing with the audience

My Best Traits Make Me Annoying

Never Act On A Crush

I Can't Approach Women

Girl at the Theatre

Tripping and Farting

Rolf Harris

Little Boy at Wedding


Set List Two


Biker Corporate Gig


Over the past couple of weeks I am so glad I have started talking to the audience again. It has come in really handy especially for gigs that take a little while to warm up. I'm remembering how to be comfortable with it again too. I'd even go as far as to say I'm looking forward to it.  I still have a way to go but I'm definitely improving and hopefully by the end of the year it will have become a bigger part of my repertoire.

I had forgotten the routine about the Girl at the Theatre until last year when the lads that work at the Comic's Lounge brought it up.  It turned out to be a couple of the guys' favourite routine so I brought it back for two gigs and then promptly forgot about it again.  Since I knew that by moving around the audience at the top of the gig it helped to get the energy into the room, I dusted it off and used it for the gig.  I'd forgotten how much fun I have performing the routine and might attempt to use it more often especially if I can find some new ways and/or jokes to help flesh it out.


Lawrence Mooney headlined and nailed it...of course.


After a successful first season we'll be working on a new season at Crown for October so keep an eye out for more information on that at my official Facebook page. Gigs on a Sunday can be a little tricky because people are relaxed and gearing up for returning to work but this season has been a fun one.  Knowing that the comedians have enjoyed working the room has been a big plus too and hopefully when we return we'll make it just that bit shinier once again.


Tiffany Stevenson came down to play before returning to the UK on Monday.


Justin Hamilton

1st of July, 2014

Fitzroy North