2014 Gig Ninety Five: Road Show Airey's Inlet

People often ask what is it like being on the road with comedians. I think this photo sums it up perfectly:  

The Beverly Hillbillies for a new century.


Our show last night was different to the previous gigs because we were out of the theatres and performing at the back of the Airey's Pub.  It was a very different set up and you could feel the change immediately.  When an audience attends a theatre show they are (for the most part) on their best behaviour.  "It is the theatre dahling, time to pull out the furs and have a jolly good time".  When you're in a gig in a pub there is a volatile mix of booze, expectation, booze, food and more booze.  You would think this would place a little fear in the hearts of the comedians but these are the types of gigs that we cut our teeth on.  These gigs are more like coming home.  Tiffany Stevenson later commented that it was her favourite show of the run so far and I could understand why she would say that.  Here's my set list:


Partying During the Week

Hen's Night

Mount Isa 

Riffing with the audience

“I Don’t Give A Hoot!”

Hushed Angry Conversation

Turning 40

Car Accident in Adelaide

Invite To Parties

Hairy Baby


Dave Callan knocking out the moves early in his set.


I've attempted to shake my material up where I can to keep me focused but also to keep people like our stage manager Alison and tour manager Karen entertained. I know they have no problem hearing the same material over and over but I like to throw some curve balls in to attempt to keep them entertained with something new.  Since the gig had more of a pub feel I brought out some material that I don't perform as often anymore and then used that as a springboard to riff with the audience.

Before I was introduced I'd made the mistake of eating a huge tasty meal at the Airey's Pub and then nibbled on food that had been bought for the table.  Once the show began I knew I was very close to hibernating for the winter so Tiff and I knocked back a couple of espressos that really but the "Zah!" into "Zaaaaaaaaaah!"  By the time I hit the stage I was full of (coffee) beans and ready to go.

I'm glad that I've given that aspect of my performance some focus in recent weeks. I wouldn't say that I am anywhere near a master of it but it is coming to me with more ease and comfort.  I'd forgotten too that it is can be quite a lot of fun.  Last night I had the pleasure of talking to a cracking dude in the front row called Matt who had a voice that resembled rolling thunder.  He was a lot of fun to talk to and that allowed me to riff with some people around him (sister and wife) before returning to my material.  I could have spent longer talking to them but was cognisant of  going over my allotted time.


Neel Kolhatkar had another great gig.


Another fun gig that went way too quickly while I was onstage.  I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the crew I'm touring with.  I'm also sharing a place with young Rhys Nicholson while I'm in Edinburgh and we've come up with some ideas of things we can work on while over there.  I'll tell you about that closer to the date.  Otherwise it was early to bed and early to rise.  We checked out the lighthouse from the TV show "Round The Twist" on our way back to Melbourne and I'm now sitting at home writing this before I have to return to the gang for our final show together in Upwey.  It has been a short run for me this year but one of my favourites.


Dave, Hammo, Neel. Tiffany, Alison and Rhys with a mighty phallus in the background.


Justin Hamilton

15th of June, 2014

Fitzroy North