2014 Gig Ninety Three: Road Show Ararat

Considering The Biggest Loser declared that Ararat was the fattest town in Australia I did not see one obese person while I was there.  Could a reality TV show be lying? Perish the thought.  Having said that if I keep eating snacks on the tour I'm going to be a prime candidate for the show myself.  How can any sane person say no to this treat?  

Tiff, Dave and I contemplate the joy of the jelly slice.


Our show was being held at the Ararat Performing Arts Centre and was once again filled with delightful people who want to enjoy a cracking night of comedy.  Behind the scenes everything was incredibly smooth and apart from a microphone that was a bit "fuzzy" (I think that is the technical term for a cordless mic that isn't 100%) it was all systems go.  After going over the previous night I decided to stick to a solid set list. Even though everybody knows me on the tour I didn't want the previous night to be a precedent.  It is good to prove to your fellow comics and yourself that it really was a one off.  You will recognise the shape of this set list:


Turning 40

“I Don’t Give A Hoot!”

Hushed Angry Conversation

Invite To Parties

Hairy Baby

Gym Story

Tripping and Farting

Watching Movies Out of Context

Glitter In Invitations

People Wearing Your Glasses



I've mentioned this approach before but I treated this gig like a 20/20 cricket match. Get in, hit hard and aim for the boundaries at all times.  With a mic that was slightly off I thought it best to keep all the routines as clear as possible.  That way it would give the audience every opportunity of understanding exactly where we were going and in the process give me the best chance of succeeding.


Rhys Nicholson gets all Vincent Price before the show.


Since I'm in the first half of the show I was able to sit in the audience for the second half and really enjoyed the acts.  I have thoroughly enjoyed young Neel Kolhatkar who is very good with his audience participation.  I think he is quite natural in the way he approaches it and through that scores some great responses from the punters.  He is definitely someone who is worth keeping an eye out for.  He is also so young he literally could be my son.  I've become the old man of the tour.

Tiffany Stevenson has also been cleaning up at the end of the show.  Tiff has a lot of experience back home and had quite a broad and successful career.  You can see all of that onstage and she had the audience eating out of her hand...metaphorically of course.  That would have been a strange and mildly creepy ending to a show otherwise.  Meanwhile Dave Callan brings a calmness to proceedings as the host and Rhys Nicholson delivers the glamour with his very funny set.  I think I bring the grey in the beard.  It is a good bunch to be touring with and for the shame is that it is all done by Sunday night for me.  Of course that is me being selfish but I'd argue for the right reasons.


Our stage manager Alison and Neel found these lovely messages that you could buy with actual human money.


We're now in Colac and it is time to prepare for tonight's show.  I'll go in with a few ideas as to where I might go with my set tonight but I'm thinking I'll keep it pretty simple so I can keep track of time.  When gigs are fun you find your feet beginning to stick on the stage so it will be good for me to remain aware of that.


Justin Hamilton

13th of June, 2014