2014 Gig Eighty Nine: The Comic's Lounge

If you read the previous blog I talked about how on Wednesday night I was a little thrown by having the show flipped around at the last moment.  With Dave Thornton headlining and his breakfast radio commitments having him wake at 4am we opened the first bracket with Dave and then had the guests and supporting act on in the second and third brackets.  I was unusually tired and gathered that I was relying so much on muscle memory when Dave finished my head immediately had me ready to go home as well because that is what you do after the headline act.  Having to still host two more brackets felt weird but at least with the next night I'd be prepared for a drop in adrenalin. Nope.  Turns out I was totally wrong about that.

Even with the knowledge that this could happen and thus preparing for it I still had the same drop off in adrenalin after the first bracket.  I also had longer to think about why this might be the case and may have worked out what was going wrong for me.  First though we should have a gander at the set list:


Set List One


Partying During The Week

Turning 40

Invite To Parties

Hairy Baby


Set List Two


Biker Corporate Gig


Set List Three


Watching Movies Out of Context

“I Don’t Give A Hoot”

Hushed Angry Conversations

Glitter In Invitations

Tripping and Farting

People Wearing Your Glasses



Here's one for the ladies!


I had thought that I wasn't mentally prepared enough last night but in turn I now believe it is all physical.  When I walked out onstage as the host basically what happens is that I warm up the audience but I'm also warming up as well.  Last night I belted out a tight eight minutes that included some talking to the audience and enough jokes to get the show started.  Then I sat and watched Thorno who knocked out roughly 40 minutes onstage.  Apart from a brief moment onstage where I closed the first bracket I then sat around for another 12-15 minutes in the break before commencing the second bracket. That means that after I started the night off I basically sat for close to an hour before launching into my next routine.  That is more than enough time for the adrenalin to drop.

There were some improvements from the night before.  My talking to the audience was a little stronger and playful.  For the last couple of weeks it is something that I have been working on and I think the Lounge has been a great venue to help further those skills. I am not certain it still comes naturally to me.  I'm like Rafael Nadal playing tennis on grass:  he can win Wimbledon but it takes a lot of concentration and effort.

I felt I was more playful as well.  The set list barely differs from the one I used the previous night but there was more bounce in my step and with that came a better energy for the night.  I was still tired from the way the show had been flipped but since I was prepared for that situation I was in a much better frame of mind throughout the night.

I also thought the comedians on the bill did a good job of following the headline act. Brad Oakes is one of the best in the country and John Burgos finishing up the night was very strong especially with an audience that was beginning to feel the fatigue toward the end of the show.  It is important to remember they've already had close to an hour of show after the first bracket.  That bracket is way too long to start off a night (although regulars at The Shelf will know that to be the norm but even then all the acts are required to knock out shorter spots) so it makes sense they'd be tired by the end.

Now with it being the weekend we can swap back to a more traditional running order. It was really interesting to host the previous two nights but to be honest I'm looking forward to getting back to normal tonight.


Justin Hamilton

6th of June, 2014

Fitzroy North