2014 Gig Sixty: Victoria Hotel

Last night's gig may have been my favourite of the run. A sold out show on a Friday night that was full of people who were engaged from the beginning.  I could hear them coming into my room talking over the top of the house music and they sounded like fun.  Over the years you can get to the point where you can score a pretty good read on an audience before you've hit the stage.  There was a blog earlier in my Adelaide run where I could hear the audience and I knew there would be some trouble.  This was the opposite and I was raring to get out onto the stage.


Ryan Coffey played a little piano for the patrons waiting to see shows at the Vic last night.


Earlier in the day I had worked on blogs, podcasts, a friend's show and also recorded an interview with Kate McLennan and the winner of the Indian Raw Comedy heat Rohan Desai.  I had briefly bumped in Rohan on Thursday night as I ran through the rain to see Celia Pacquola's show.  I think Kate and I might be more excited about Rohan's spot at the Raw Comedy Final on Sunday than he is.  We think he'll be great and even if you can't get to the final you will be able to check him out at The Shelf on Monday night.

I also managed to find some time to cook an early dinner and finding the time to do something quite normal really centred me for the rest of the night.  At times it has felt like all I have time to do is work related to the show each night and while that is fun it is good to find some distractions this late in the piece.  I wandered in a little earlier than I needed to be in the city and caught up with a bunch of comedians out the front of the Town Hall.  That has also helped put me in the mood to perform each night and so I've managed to hit each show in a good mood.  The set list was:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


As I stated up above the show was possibly my favourite of the run.  A great audience that gave so much that I could feed off the energy while performing.  For me the show felt like it whizzed along at a rate of knots and I was quite surprised when I entered the final third of the show.  Some of the changes I made to a couple of the stories from the night before have now paid off two nights in a row.  Taking some time to give the song "Blurred Lines" a little more context appears to have really done the trick. It is a common mistake to just think that your audience knows exactly what you're referencing at all points and I feel I made the same mistake with this song and film clip. It is still too early to know if I am 100% correct on this but I'll try it again tonight and see how it plays out.  It feels right though so that is usually a good sign.

After the gig it was my management's drinks night to celebrate all our runs at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.  It was a fun night that ended at a time which I have subsequently forgotten.  I remember that I left while quite a few people were still there but I am feeling tired today...and that is all my fault.  This has been a slow day where I've attempted to get my energy levels back up because I'd like to give tonight's gig every opportunity to pop as much as last night's show did.


Justin Hamilton

12th of April, 2014

Fitzroy North