2014 Gig Fifty One: John Safran and Gig Fifty Two: Victoria Hotel

I started my night off as a sort of host/moderator for John Safran's show at the Comedy Theatre.  John was performing the show that was based around his book "Murder In Mississippi".  My job was to introduce the show and then come out to host the Q and A at the end.  I enjoyed this so much and wish that I had longer to talk to John. He's a very funny and interesting guy and I could have sat out there for another hour just talking about a wide range of topics while taking questions from the audience.  

This was my view from side of stage while the show was on.


I didn't have time to check out a show but took this opportunity to chat to some of the younger acts who were out flyering and just soak up the atmosphere of the festival.  I am starting to feel a little fatigue and with two weeks still to go have to be on top of how I am holding up.  Last night felt like I needed to have some quiet time before the show so I definitely embraced that before the show.  The set list was:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


First of all I have to point this out:


Nice to be sold out.


After having many close calls (I have consistently been one or two tickets sold out on many occasions during this festival) it is great to finally knock one off.  It is funny how much that sticker can mean to comedians.  I have seen some very reasonable people lose their minds when their show is sold out and it doesn't say it on the board.  Heck I remember when I was younger I would hand out flyers right up until my show began just attempting to sell that last ticket.  I wonder in hindsight if I just accepted I was one off I would have had more fun at those shows.  You'd do your best to sell that last ticket, get the sticker on the board and then hit the stage exhausted as you attempt to now perform for an hour.  I totally understand the hunger for that sticker.  I still admire the acts out there handing out flyers because it is tough work.  I got back into the swing of flyering in Adelaide in an attempt to drum up some extra sales but also to prepare myself for Edinburgh later in the year.  A tip of the hat to all the acts out there doing the hard yards in attempting to build a crowd each night.

My audience was fantastic and really had me in a very good mood.  I thoroughly enjoyed performing for this audience as they were a gentle crowd that laughed throughout the show.  From onstage the laughter felt like when you fade in a song, build up the volume and then fade it out.  Every routine seemed to have people fading into the laugh, hitting a crescendo and then chuckling their way out of it.  While it was warm in the room I found once again that I was ad libbing a lot.  Unlike last night where I may have been performing a little too quickly this seemed to have the right pace and in hindsight I was much happier with this show.

One more show for the week and then it is time for The Shelf.  Normally your Monday night is your night off but it is definitely my busiest with The Shelf.  I'm finding I'm actually relaxing into my solo show more than I have ever before and I think it is paying dividends.  Good to know you can still learn new tricks twenty years into the properly mental business.  I hope it is one that I don't forget and continue to apply for whichever festivals I perform in the future.


Justin Hamilton

6th of April, 2014

Fitzroy North