2014 Gig Forty Seven: Victoria Hotel

I started my night off seeing Adam Richard in his new show "Gaypocalypse" in the Lunch Room at the Town Hall.  It is great to see Adam putting together a new hour of stand up that has all the trade mark humour he is well known for but also goes into some interesting topics that he wouldn't have been encouraged to discuss on his old radio job. Adam is an incredibly erudite person and if you're interested in shows that have something to say then I suggest you check him out.  Also there is a song.  That is all I'm saying about this. On the way through the Town Hall I saw this:


These three signs feel right together...


Yes I am 41.  Gleeson and I have decided that maybe we'll put both our shows on in the toilet that sign points to.  Make certain you grab your tickets as soon as they're released as I'm guessing there won't be much room for a lot of chairs.

There was a similar vibe on the street last night that reminded me of opening night last Thursday.  The more I think about it the more I am leaning towards the idea that the humidity is sapping a bit of buzz around town.  I don't even mean just at the Town Hall but all around.  For a Tuesday when tickets are much cheaper there was definitely a subdued feeling in the precinct.


There was nobody milling about on the streets last night.


My set list was the show:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


The show was remaining pretty tight in Adelaide.  It was consistently coming in between 50-52 minutes every show.  I think it was growing because of the noise bleed in the Garden of Unearthly Delights.  With the constant noise taking place outside I think it meant that I didn't stray too far away from the script.  Now that I have no noise bleed I am finding that I have time to play with material a little more.  Now with the playing I've noticed the show has crept up to the 54-56 minute mark.  I wouldn't want it to go any longer as that seems long enough.

I also received some excellent suggestions from comedians who saw the show on Sunday. Tegan Higginbotham had pointed out that one of my routines (for anyone who has seen the show it is the bit with the married couple arguing in whispers) I was actually standing outside of the spotlight.  Of course I wouldn't notice this because the argument takes place onstage with me playing both characters so I'm constantly looking to the sides of the stage.  This was a good bit of stage direction to have pointed out and last night I moved the conversation over so it was more in the middle of the spotlight.

Wil Anderson made a good point about one of my routines (once again if you have seen the show it was the "Bad Dad" story) where he suggested repeating a line to help drive home the point of the joke.  Since the joke isn't an obvious "boom-tish" type of gag it has been mildly hit and miss.  With this suggestion and repeating the line one after the other it helped to drive home the gag.  Last night that suggestion worked a treat.

A good house on a humid night appeared to enjoy the show a lot.  I had some industry people sitting in the audience who sent me some nice messages after about the show. No matter how old you are or experienced it would be a lie to not admit that validation from your peers stick gives you a good buzz.  Now tonight is the first night of full price tickets so it will be interesting to see if there is a mild drop in audience numbers and energy. Regardless of the circumstances it will be interesting to see how the show shapes up to whatever challenges lay ahead.


Justin Hamilton

2nd of April, 2014

Fitzroy North