2014 Gig Thirty: Adelaide Fringe

Last night the numbers started to build back to what they like before the long weekend.  

People in the Garden early was a a good sign.


I was glad to see some people around the traps as yesterday was the tiredest I'd felt during my run.  The previous night had ended slightly later night than normal for me and I was up early to visit a friend's excellent and tasty cafe (the Brown Dog Cafe next to the Capri Theatre in Goodwood) before returning to Croydon to do some work. Then it was off to 5AA and an entertaining interview with Will Goodings at 2.30pm (the time that Ang Lee books a dentist appointment...a shout out right there to Stewart Lee fans) so I booked a taxi for 2pm.  As we drove through North Adelaide the taxi started to blow off some steam and the driver and I both knew this wasn't good.  I'll be honest in saying that I was hoping it would last to the city because that would work out well for me.  The taxi was a goner so it may as well just get me to the top of the hill, right?  Alas it conked out at the Adelaide Oval.  This left me with a choice of attempting to hail another taxi for a pittance, catching a bus part of the way or just putting on the skates and walking it.  I decided walking was the only thing I could control completely so I took off.  It was 2.12pm.  I arrived at 5AA at 2.30pm. I may have resembled Cliff Young as I made my way into the studio but I didn't mind.

After that it was off to podcast with Wil Anderson for FOFOP and then it was dinner with a friend before heading down to the Garden to flyer.  Halfway through flyering I felt really tired.  I was properly pooped and it had more to do with accumulative days of non stop work but this was the day that pushed me over the edge.  I decided that being rested was more important than extra bums on seats and took up some space out the back in my little green room/caravan.  The set list was just the show:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


What I was hoping for was an audience full of energy so I could feed off them.  Luckily for me that is exactly what I received.  They were great from the moment that I walked onstage and it really gave me a good buzz for my show.  In fact it was quite interesting that when I walked onstage I was feeling beat but since the audience was so good the show ended up being longer than normal with all the ad libbing that accompanied the show.  There were little extra flashes in routines that hadn't been there before and in hindsight there was probably a good balance of energy and a laid back approach to the performance.

After the show I had a few friends that hung around to say hello and it was good to spend some quiet time with them at the one indoor bar at the Garden.  Afterward I was going to pop by the Rhino Room on my way to the train station.  Two of my friends accompanied me up Rundle St and then pointed out that they were heading Croydon way and would I like a lift?  Suffice to say I didn't make it to Rhino last night knowing this was too good an opportunity to pass up some quiet time.  With only four nights left I want to finish off the season as well as possible and another late night could have easily curtailed that ambition.


It is difficult to miss the sign out the front of my venue.


This is what some would call a "getting old" decision while others will refer to it as the "mature choice".  I see it right in the middle.  Quiet time in front of the computer and watching the final episode of "True Detective" clearly out favours any conversation I could have had past midnight on a weekday.


Justin Hamilton

13th of March, 2013