2014 Gig Twenty Eight: Adelaide Fringe

Last night was the smallest audience so far but one of the best. With Adelaide having just endured a long weekend and with so many other events on (eg Womadelaide etc) the Garden of Unearthly Delights was sparse.  I didn't see that as a bad thing.  It meant most of the arseholes would be at home dealing with hangovers. Everyone I spoke to was lovely and there for one reason:  to check out shows. This translated nicely into an audience who made up two thirds of the room but were quite boisterous in their enjoyment of the show.


This is me if I was reborn as a yappy dog on LSD.


It also meant the gig was a lot more comfortable with room to breathe in my venue.  It is has become very humid over here and it is a weather I don't cope with.  I'm good in extreme heat or cold but when I have sweat sticking to me it feels claustrophobic. Between the lights and the weather it was a sticky performance.  Tasty.  Plenty of fluids before I hit the stage and minimal movement (as discussed in the previous blog) helped to keep me on track.


It was the show for the set list last night:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


At this point it is about refining the show.  Making certain I hit certain lines crisply. Keeping certain parts of the show fresh.  There are parts of the show that I like to improvise each night to keep me focused and they're a lot of fun to perform when you know they're just around the corner.  For anyone who has seen the show one example of this is the hushed argument between a married couple out in public.  I know the basic beats I have to hit to make this routine work but each night I like to add in something slightly different just to entertain myself and my techie Claire.  It is always good to remember to entertain your poor techie because they really get stuck with watching your show a lot!

It has been busy times over here as well.  With the show at night and the blogs/podcast recording/working on The Shelf etc during the day I'm not finding much time to catch up with friends.  It has been reduced to whoever is hanging around the Garden after the show.  Last night I caught up with artist James Fosdike and his wife. If you have been following the way I have been marketing the show online you may have seen the photos I have been posting that have messages written into cement. James found this one:


That was a quick turnaround!


I don't know whether to laugh at that or find it mildly tragic.  I guess it is both and that is where the comedy lies.  I also received this from my Indian friend Rohan Desai:


I hope I don't get into trouble for this...


Rohan was the winner of the Indian Raw Comedy heat and will be coming to Australia to perform in the final in Melbourne.  I've also booked him for the finale of The Shelf so I'm looking forward to introducing him to our frequent shelvers.  If he continues these made graffiti skills I can't wait to see what he defaces while he is here.

A slower day with a nice pay off of a fun gig.  We're into the final week now so from here it will be about maintaining the momentum of the show and a continued refining of the performance.  Not long now until I have to start thinking more and more about the MICF.


Justin Hamilton

11th of March, 2014