Gig 152: Marion Hotel

The final gig at the Marion Hotel was a great way for the venue to see out 2013.  First of all it had a great line up.  In order of appearance:  

Dave Campbell

Eddie Bannon

Big Al

Greg Fleet

Dave Callan


I was hosting the night and to be honest in the lead up to the gig I had very little energy or concentration.  I think it was a combination of two things.  First up it is the first real day of summer that I have experienced.  It was just over 40 degrees here in Adelaide and I always find that the first two or three days of experiencing summer (and winter) my body would prefer to shut down and have a snooze.  Once I acclimatise I'm fine but that first few days is like dragging my legs through a river of glue.

The second thing is the year is starting to wind down and I'm feeling it slightly.  Not that I am necessarily tired but I would like nothing more than just to hang out with friends, talk shit and have a snooze.  I don't get back to Adelaide often and have a lot of friends here. Even being here for two weeks won't give me enough time to catch up with people and it is frustrating to say the least.  So between the weather and a general malaise I wasn't really up for a gig last night.

Luckily for me I'm a professional and hauled my sorry arse down to the Marion Hotel because the gig was a corker.  Not only were all the acts on song but there was a lot of play between the acts.  Fleety has been in fine form of late.  He's managed to wean himself off his heroin addiction again and you can tell.  He looks great and has a vibrancy I haven't seen in ages.  Fleety talked to me throughout the gig from the side lines (classic Fleet!) and at one point Eddie Bannon joined in the fun as the one liners flew all over the room from all angles with a bewildered audience sitting right in the middle.

Dave Callan unveiled a new dance that is very funny and Big Al made an appearance too.  I haven't seen Big Al in such a long time and it felt a bit like the turn of the century again having him on the line up with all these great acts.  Dave Campbell has made some significant improvement in his act and is really beginning to find himself onstage. Last night was a particularly good set as Dave has dug deep into himself to talk about things that matter.  With his slightly bent take on the world still being prevalent I felt Dave is on his way to finding a stage persona that will work for him in the future.


Here's my set list:


Set List One

I Stopped A Fight


Set List Two

Thinking About Kids

“I Don’t Give A Hoot!”

Hushed Angry Conversations

Hurting For No Reason

New Grey Hair

I’ll Neck Myself

Imagine I Might Be A Bad Dad

Destroying Right On Guy

Paul and Basic Instinct


Set List Three

Tripping and Farting


Eddie Bannon performing in front of his favourite glass bricks.


The first two brackets were an opportunity to work on new material that may or may not be a part of next year's show "Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994".  At the worst it will morph into club material that I can use for at least the first half of next year but thematically they are feeling like the type of routines that will fit in nicely with the show. The final routine is my favourite "dumb" routine of the year.  It is short, it is stupid and it still makes me laugh to perform it.  I hate it when punters attempt to use me as an example to put down other comedians (eg they'll come up to me and say, "I don't like such and such because their comedy isn't smart, not like yours".) as they're usually forgetting that I am in fact friends with that comedian.  So it is nice to have something like my "Tripping and Farting" routine that is funny and stupid.  I don't like to be boxed in with labels and hopefully this is one such routine that helps with that.


Greg Fleet looking great and exhibiting that old Fleety magic.


In the end this was a fun show and as I said earlier, a great way to see out 2013 for The Marion Hotel.  I think this is a really important room on the Adelaide circuit.  It is not only fun to perform there but it gives the local acts a very important taste of suburban audiences.  If you never perform to these audiences how can you hope to improve?  I'm looking forward to returning to the Marion at some point in 2014.


Justin Hamilton

19th of December, 2013