Gig 138: Jupiter's Casino

When I arrived in Brisbane this is the first thing I found at the apartment I'm staying in:  




That is a weird thing to find, don't you think?  If you're not weirded out by walking into a hotel room and finding a neatly cut out picture of one of your friends on the floor then your life must be pretty strange normally.  I feel like it is Helliar sending out a message that he needs me for some new project.  I wonder what that could be...

Yesterday was a long day of travel.  A half hour trip to the airport, a two hour flight on a Jetstar plane that was so disgusting that when I pulled my tray table down I was confronted with a rorschach blotch of spilt, dry coffee, a 40 minute ride into Brisbane and then a drive to the Gold Coast for the gig at Jupiter's Casino.  I had previously played at the Casino on the 13th of Feb (you can read about that gig here) and had wanted to use this time to work on the new material I had written the day before.  In the end though I remained with the faithful routines which I'll explain after you check the set list:


Partying During the Week

Country Folk vs Inner City Living

Turning 40

Fix Your Flaws

No Interest In New Friends

Wig Dude

Hairy Baby

Tripping and Farting

No Need To Share All Your Opinions

Watching Movies Out of Context

Glitter in Invitations



I was a bit disappointed with myself for reverting to material that I've been using most of the year.  I was all set to play around with the new ideas but I watched host Mick Neven work on some new and learned/was reminded of something about this room. Mick's new material actually went quite well but the room is so vast and cavernous that it is difficult to read how you are being received.  When you're performing new material you need to be able to see and listen to the audience as much as possible so you can work out the cadence of the new gags.  At the end of Mick's piece he made a joke about that not going as well as he'd liked but it had actually worked.  I knew that if I was going to launch into new onstage I would have difficulty in reading the reaction in the audience and I didn't want to taint the material at this early a stage.

I also felt pretty tired after all the travel and was having difficulty concentrating.  When a gig isn't feeling inspiring and you're tired it can be difficult mustering any great energy to tackle the show.  This is when you're reminded that it is a job and you have to get to work any way possible.  It was better to perform stuff that I knew worked so I could do my job. I did manage to do some talking to the audience, a skill that I felt I have let slip in the past year or so and found some gold with an older gentleman with a cracking wig who was sitting the front row.  That may have been the highlight of the gig and it was nice to stretch that muscle again.

By the time Mick had driven us home it was a late night that was only made later as comedian Lindsay Webb joined Mick and I at the apartment we're staying in.  When you're tired and hanging out with friends it usually ends up in a mildly hysterical tone for the rest of the evening.  If you ever see Lindsay or Mick around ask them about our TV show ideas for "The Bundy Buggering Bear" and "Oh Jesus!".  Shows that will never see the light of day but for one night we were convinced they were going to be our salvation.


Justin Hamilton

7th of November, 2013