Gig 130: The Comedy Store

Last night I was quite tired before the gig and slowly made my way to the Comedy Store. Once I arrived I was halfway up the stairs and I realised I hadn't changed my shoes and had in fact turned up wearing sneakers.  Now this might sound a bit strange but I was immediately out of sorts because I don't wear sneakers onstage at this point in my career. There have been times when I have worn sneakers but for the last few years my uniform (for the most part) has been dark pants/jeans and black t-shirts with black Doc Martins. To arrive at the Store and notice I hadn't "dressed" for work definitely threw me in my lead up to the gig. Now I know this sounds crazy but if you speak to a lot of comedians what we wear onstage is considered our "uniform", our going to work clothes.  It may look casual to the general punter but it is part of the process of getting ready for the gig.  I had been dragging my heels a little just due to general tiredness and this felt like a proper representation of where I have been at during the past couple of nights.

There was no panic in thinking that I would fluff the gig, it wasn't that dramatic a moment, but it did shift my head a little.  Here's the set list:


Country Folk vs Inner City Living

Turning 40

Car Crash in Adelaide

Invite to Parties

Hairy Baby

Tripping and Farting

No Need To Share All Your Opinions

Glitter in Invitations

Watching Movies Out of Context


Once again I haven't been totally happy with my gig.  I still feel just a bit out of sorts onstage.  It has been a big few days and I feel like I'm one step behind where I want to be. There are times when it feels like I'm back on track and then suddenly I'll just lose a little of the pace or I'll substitute words in punch lines that aren't quite right. As I've stated before these aren't necessarily things an audience member would pick up on but I'm aware of it so therefore should attempt to do something to fix this.


Sheng Wang was very funny last night.



I was talking about this with a couple of comedians and we were agreed on the fact that this time of year is when we really begin to write new routines, put together new show ideas and our material that has served us faithfully during the last 12 months suddenly feels a bit tired and dry.  Of course these aren't the gigs that you should be trying out the new routines. You should either be trying them in smaller gigs or really have had the time to nut out exactly where you're trying to do with the new gags.  I have been a bit unfocused in my approach and I feel like it has shown.

With tonight off it gives me time to take it easy and start to work toward tomorrow night. With six gigs in six consecutive nights, this should have me back to where I want to be before returning to Melbourne.  At the very least I hope I remember which pair of shoes I wear onstage before going to work.


Justin Hamilton

20th of October, 2013