Gig 118: Bayside Film Festival Awards

A different type of gig for me this time.  This was a straight hosting role for me on behalf of the Bayside Film Festival Awards.  Now in their 10th year, this festival celebrates young and emerging filmmakers on a night where they can show the general public their truly amazing talent.  The short movies were made by young people ranging in age from 10 to 26 years old.  I have to say some of the movies were amazing.  

Some of the awards on display before the show commences.


My job on a night like this is to keep the show rolling and be able to go with the flow even if line ups or orders change at the last moment.  I wasn't asked to perform any stand up but what I would do is watch every film closely and have a vague idea of a line I could use off the back of each presentation.  It was a night where I could do a lot of ad libbing and it was a really fun gig. There is no point going over the jokes that were told on the night, it really was a case of "you had to be there".  Context really is everything.

The audience was great and some of the movies were truly outstanding.  It was interesting to see the subjects that were important to the students too.  Bullying featured in a few of the movies and approached the subject with a sensitivity and passion that can sometimes be lost in a news report or news article.  From street art to whale hunting to tattoos to the story of an older man who lost his wife to cancer, the movies were excellent and often times moving.

There was a category for young people with different abilities to also express themselves and their movies were very clever especially with the way they subtly tackled their subjects.  I especially enjoyed the movie made by a young girl who loved Justin Bieber. In another category my favourite movie was by a young boy by the name of Ben McCarthy who made a clay animation story about a frog who couldn't jump called Bumper.  It was laugh out loud funny and very clever.  I will definitely keep an eye out for him in the future.

Finally German lad Kai Stanicke made an amazing movie that confronted obsession and homosexuality that was so mature and compelling.  His juxtaposition of words and images was very clever and the story was concise and fascinating.  He was an excellent winner of the overall award.

It was a great show and I was very inspired by the work of these young film makers. It is very exciting to be around young creative people who prove that you can learn from anybody, no matter how old they are.


Justin Hamilton

31st of August, 2013

Fitzroy North