Gig 106: The Shelf

We're back with Season 7 of The Shelf and it was a great start for the next three weeks of shows.  As you would be aware every night of The Shelf is like an opening night. There is never a point where any two shows are alike and this season we've made some changes to our regular crew just to help spice things up a little.  For tickets to the final two shows click on the link here. Joining Adam Richard, Tegan Higginbotham and me as regulars for this season are Xavier Michelides, Lessons with Luis, Asher Treleaven, Elbowskin, Adam McKenzie (Adam and Tegan are performing together as their duo act Watson) Claire Hooper and Charlie Pickering.  Our guests for the opening show were Tom Gleeson, Michael Workman and Jack Druce.

Adam and I arrive about 4.30pm to help set up the room at The Toff in Town while our techie Jason Young makes certain anything that requires electricity is ready to go. Jason was a real trooper last night as he is still recovering from surgery from five days ago (!) and battled gamely through the night, sneaking backstage during the breaks in the show to grab a couple of minutes of rest here and there.

Our running order for the show looked like this:


7.00pm:  Doors Open

7.30pm:  Justin Hamilton

7.40pm:  Justin and Adam Richard

7.50pm:  Watson

8.00pm:  Xavier Michelides

8.10pm:  Claire Hooper

8.20pm:  Tom Gleeson

8.35pm:  Break

8.45pm:  Justin, Adam and Charlie Pickering

9.00pm:  Jack Druce

9.10pm:  Lessons with Luis

9.20pm:  Break

9.30pm:  Justin, Adam and Asher Treleaven

9.40pm:  Tegan Higginbotham

9.50pm:  Michael Workman

10.00pm:  Elbow Skin

10.10pm:  End of Show


Overall we did a pretty good job of almost finishing on time coming in at a relatively tight 10.30pm.  That is a three hour show and each week will be different with new guests and the regulars all performing different material.  Every body did a great job last night and the show lived up to the potential I've long held for it.

The idea with the show is to throw many different forms of comedy at the punters and the running order has to always keep the audience of balance.  As an example where I can I attempt to not have two stand up comedians performing in a row.  Instead stand up will be followed be a chat followed by a two person skit followed by a one man sketch followed by a written piece that is read out to the audience and then finish the bracket with a head line act performing stand up.  Go back and look at the opening bracket and that is exactly how it played out.

My set list was as follows:


Meth Fans

We're Dancin' Guy

No Australian Super Heroes

Double Bi

Destroying a Nerd



I thoroughly enjoyed the show last night, especially watching our new regulars embracing the potential of what can happen at the show.  Hoops brought out a funny idea with her new segment where she reads out updated fairy tales for the modern person.  Xavier, Watson and Lessons with Luis brought funny sketches to the table that each had their own unique flavour and Asher was 100% Asher bringing some saucy class to the show. Our stands up were great:  Workman, Gleeson, Higginbotham and Druce.  Adam Richard floated in and out of the show with consummate ease and Pickering brought the low down on the election in a way that TV won't allow.  Elbow Skin brought it all home with some funny songs at the end of the night.

Considering that I was sick and feeling run down I thought the night was a great success and I'm really looking forward to the next two shows.  I was happy with my work feeling quite at ease onstage even if I didn't feel physically great.  My opening was solid and measured.  My ad libbing was relatively tight, so much so that I might even attempt to flesh out my Master Race idea. I'm definitely looking forward to the show next Monday when I will (fingers crossed) be back in fighting form.



Justin Hamilton

6th of August, 2013

Fitzroy North