Gig 93: The Comedy Store

Last night was a great way to finish my week in Sydney. I spent the day at the theatre watching "The Maids", a play written by Jean Genet and starring French screen legend Isabelle Huppert, striking newcomer Elizabeth Debicki and Australian icon Cate Blanchett.  I had never seen Blanchett live before and I found her charisma to be almost over powering.  I've always been impressed by her on the screen but sitting three rows from the front was an amazing opportunity to see one of our best actors at work.  All three women worked beautifully together and the final moment in the play was perfect.  A great way to spend an afternoon.

That night The Comedy Store was sold out again with a massive line up that kicked goals from the beginning.  This was my setlist:


Turning 40!

Hairy Baby

Tripping and Farting

No Need To Share All Your Opinions

Glitter in Invitations

People Wearing Your Glasses

Watching Movies Out of Context


I had such a good time onstage and it was an easy gig to get right due to the fact that the audience was focused, Cam Knight had nailed another night of hosting and everyone had done an excellent job before I hit the stage.  All I had to do to succeed was my job and as I said, when everything has been set up so nicely you would have to really work hard to make it go wrong.

It was also three fun nights of watching comedians too.  From Matt Okine and Laura Hughes to Sydney legend Bruce Griffiths to American headliner Jake Johannsen, it was a pleasure to be in a position where I could enjoy their sets.  Then when you throw in a couple of Ronny Chieng cameos and who wouldn't enjoy hanging out with that bunch of comedians?



Nothing really to report except that I treated the gig like the previous two:  I went out, hit hard and did my best to do my time.  With an audience that good your natural inclination is to squeeze in just one more joke but that would be unfair to the few acts left on after me.  Instead I did my time and once finished made my way to the front of the room so I could get back to being a fan of comedy and especially the comedians performing on the night.


Justin Hamilton

14th of July, 2013

Fitzroy North