Gig 92: The Comedy Store

Another fun night at The Comedy Store last night. Being a part of a super line up makes for a pretty easy night.  From Cam Knight doing a great job as the host to every act being a winner, by the time I hit the stage the audience is buzzing so all you have to do is make certain you do your job.  As you know I'm such a harsh critic of hosts but when someone is doing an excellent job I thoroughly enjoy it. Cam has been keeping the focus of the room while late audience members arrive and he never lets anything distract him from his task.  He makes it look easy which is the whole point of being a good host.  It isn't easy but when someone is nailing it they make it look like no work at all.

I changed up my set a little from the night before to keep my focus (sometimes when you perform the same routine a couple of nights in a row I find my mind can wander just a little) and also to entertain the crew that work at the Store.  I like to change things up in the off chance the techie or the waiting staff are watching so they at least have a different routine to listen to.  Last night the setlist went as follows:


Partying During the Week

Gym Story

Breaking Up Through History

Tripping and Farting

"You're An Ugly Hooker!"

Glitter in Invitations

People Wearing Your Glasses




Ten minutes goes so fast!  I have to really focus before I go onstage because there is no time to ease into the set.  It is different to being a part of an open mic night at a small club.  Since this is The Store and I haven't performed here for a while I don't want to be playing around with new material, I want each spot and each routine to be a statement. I've come out with a clear sense of what I want to achieve and banged out my time with as many laughs as possible.

I've thoroughly enjoyed performing here again and it has definitely inspired me to get my backside into gear so I can return to Sydney soon.  The Comedy Store really is a great room to perform in for many reasons.  Add to that the excellent comedians I've been able to watch (from Bruce Griffiths to Laura Hughes to Matt Okine to name just a few) I've felt an inspired energy that felt like it was dormant just a few nights ago.


Justin Hamilton

13th of July, 2013