Gig 83: Spleen

By a quirk of (booking) fate I was back at Spleen last night.  This was originally a booking I'd made to work on some new material but after I was asked to fill in as host last week I actually performed the new routines that night.  With that in mind last night I approached the show as an opportunity to work on some of the material I had left over from my run at The Butterfly Club.  Initially I thought these might be too complex, unwieldy and long for a short spot.  I took apart one of the longer routines and decided I'd use that as my opening to see if it could stand on its own. Mikey Robins was the host last night and there were the usual good blend of up and coming comedians alongside the more seasoned.  I was on last in the first half and felt a certain responsibility to make certain the audience was in a good mood going into the break.  I made the deal with myself that I would open with new material and finish with older material that I knew I could rely on.

The setlist was as follows:


Country Folk vs Inner City Folk

Life is Good When You're Caucasion

White Men Have It Hard

Gym Conversation

Breaking Up Through History

"You're An Ugly Hooker!"

Movies Out of Context (Usually a part of No Need To Share All Your Opinions)

Glitter in Invitations

People Wearing Your Glasses



Some of the routines toward the end were gags I hadn't performed in a couple of months. I have a corporate gig this weekend and it was important to give them a run just to get the rhythm correct.  It was a good thing I did as one of the routines (Breaking Up Through History) I didn't quite nail at the beginning.  Nobody would have known but I did add some unnecessary words in the build up that just made it slightly clumsy.  It did suddenly make me focus as I realised the routine was suddenly running off the rails. When that happens it can give you a jolt that is a bit exciting.  After that momentary loss of concentration I was locked in for the rest of the set.



I wasn't quite enamoured with the opening of my set either.  It is difficult to nail important topics in a small spot and I felt that while it definitely worked as material I should have continued down that line.  I'm not a big fan of bringing up a serious topic (like casual racism in Australia) and then not following it through to a natural conclusion but the amount of material I have on that topic is way too long.  I wanted to see how the beginning of that topic could stand alone and while it worked fine enough, I think that will be the last time that routine sees the light of day without the rest of the material or stage time to back it up.

It was good to have a gig like last night that helped me learn about how my new routines and jokes work.  Now I don't have a gig until Saturday in Mildura so the rest of the week will be preparation for that gig before heading out next week on the Melbourne Comedy Festival Road Show.


Justin Hamilton

25th of June, 2013

Fitzroy North