Gig 82: Five Boroughs

Another excellent night to help get the spit and polish on some new material.  I brought over the setlist that I used the night before at Felix Bar and some small concerns about how I approached the new routines.  This time around I was going to perform the material and let the audience come to me rather than chase the laughs.  I find anytime that I do go after the audience it can often lead to a performance that is a bit too aggressive.  I don't mean aggressive as in attacking the audience but almost pushing the material at the audience rather than bringing them toward the routines where they can enjoy them at their own pace. It was another stellar line up with Michael Williams doing a fine job as host.  I was one of the people that picked Michael specifically for the year he participated in The Comedy Zone and it was on the basis that I just thought he had funny jokes.  It can be a stumbling block when picking the Zoners because you can get caught up in trying to work out what a young comic is attempting to say with their jokes or you try to work out where they're going with their act etc.  In other words you can totally over think it.  What I liked about Michael is that the jokes he presents are funny.  Nothing to over think here, he just makes me laugh.  It was great to see him hosting a good night of comedy.

We also had Dil Jayasinha, Rob Hunter, Kate McLennan with Randy headlining again so it was a very strong show.  I was on at the end of the second bracket and performed the following setlist.


Meth Fans

Homeless in New York

Double Bi

Destroying a Nerd



I thought last night's gig was much better than the previous one.  I was more relaxed, I let the material flow a little more and I found some new jokes or at least better ways to deliver the new material.  It was just a much better all round performance than the previous night.  Of course I've always said you learn more from a subpar performance or a tough gig than you do a successful performance and it was an excellent situation to be in to be able to immediately put into play what I learned the night before.

Now I'll spend the weekend working on some other projects and see how the momentum is building there.  Hopefully by the end of next week I'll be happy with what I have going and that will help inform whether I launch a new solo show for next year's festivals.


Justin Hamilton

20th of June, 2013

Fitzroy North