Gig 76: The Butterfly Club and Gig 77: Laugh Out Loud

This night ended up coming at the right time.  When you have had some time off from performing it is great to get as many gigs under your belt as soon as possible especially when you're trialling new material as well.  Last night I had my second engagement with The Butterfly Club and then it was off to Kew to perform at St Katherine's.  This is the type of the thing that happens in big cities like New York all the time and I could easily live a life where I had to bounce from one club to the next on any given night to work on my set. Since I had a second gig I was up first at The Butterfly Club.  This was an excellent opportunity to bang out ten to twelve minutes of material without having to really worry about pacing.  With a longer set you want to give some different rhythms to keep the audience engaged but with ten minutes you're really getting in, hitting hard and getting out.  I took this as an opportunity to try two new ideas on stage and then follow it up with a piece that was new the previous night.  I deliberately picked the third piece to finish on because it felt like it had a definitive ending and was more of a standalone piece.  Here's the setlist for the first gig:


The Homeless in New York

Double Bi

Destroying a Nerd


Both the new pieces felt like they had something to offer if they received some further work and the final "...Nerd" piece is really starting to take some shape after only two outings.  It felt weird to come in, perform my set and then head straight out but I had to be in Kew before 9.30pm and didn't want the possibility of not grabbing a taxi or bad traffic from holding me up.  Still I would have preferred to stay and watch the whole show but I'm looking forward to tonight's gig with Tegan Higginbotham hosting, Adam Rozenbachs and Lessons with Luis.



"Laugh Out Loud" is a gig produced and hosted by the funny Bart Freebairn at St Katherine's.  I'd heard that the gig was a lot of fun and the food was outstanding but unfortunately missed out on the meal due to the previous gig commitments.  I also missed out on seeing Tommy Dassalo and Celia Pacquola perform and that is one of the downsides to two gigs in a night.  There is little opportunity to watch your friends perform when you're bouncing between venues.  I wasn't there too long before it was time to start the second half and I decided to use this as an opportunity to perform a set that was a truncated version of the sets I'd been performing at The Comic's Lounge.  It had been quite a few weeks since I'd performed some of this material and with some corporate work coming up I wanted to take this opportunity to remind myself of the rhythms of these routines.  Here's the setlist:


Meth Fans

Destroying a Nerd

Turning 40

Car Crash in Adelaide

Invite Who You Want To Parties

Being An Arsehole

Little Boy Joke

Tripping and Farting

No Need to Share All Your Opinions

Glitter in Invitations

People wearing your glasses



This was an even better gig than advertised, a lot of good energy in the room and an audience that were definitely up for a good time.  I enjoyed the gig a lot and it felt good to slip back into some material that I knew back to front.  There are different types of fun to be taken from performing new material and more established gear.  New material gives you the opportunity to be as surprised as the audience as to what you might find in your own stories.  Meanwhile you're so confident with established material you can dance around the routines and have a play.  Both are just as enjoyable as each other and it really depends on my mood to what I prefer.  In the second gig I received such a buzz out of opening with new material that it allowed me to really enjoy the more established jokes.

It ended up being a great night of stand up comedy in Melbourne.  I was so hyped after my gigs I sat up until early in the morning watching 80s film clips, reminiscing about my teenage years where Boy George really wanted to know if we wanted to hurt him and A-ha were more handsome as illustrations than they were in the real world.  Have to love a night that finishes with me burning off excess energy carving through the pop songs of my youth.


Justin Hamilton

14th of June, 2013

Fitzroy North