Gig 67: Perth Solo Gig

My final day at the Perth International Comedy Festival started with me joining a bunch of comedians playing the media at lawn bowls.  This was a great way to spend the afternoon especially with one final show to come before catching the red eye flight back to Melbourne.  This also allowed me to spend some more time with Tommy Dean, Paul Foot, Craig Hill, Mike Goldstein and Jim Jefferies in a place that was far removed from the world of comedy. I think the best way to sum up the whole experience is by showing you this photo of Paul Foot with a baby that came to be a part of the action:  


I had a whole bunch of people that I work with on Perth radio (including Lisa Shaw and Captain Paul from The Bunch) coming to see the show so I was keen to put on a good one not just for them but also to close out my run on a high.  I had an excellent audience and that allowed me to have a lot of fun with this set list:


False Start

Meth Fans

Biker Story


Afghanistan:  Marching on ANZAC Day

I’m a war hero!

“Hey, be careful!”

Soldiers are funny.

Port Power Supporters in Adelaide

Journey into Kabul

Buzz might be Batman.

Afghanistan:  The Worst Sentence Ever

Bronzing Up!

Turning 40

Hurt When I Stand Up


Fix Your Flaws

Car Crash in Adelaide

Invite Who You Want To Parties

Being An Arsehole

Little Boy Joke

Tripping and Farting

Laughing in Greek Class

Laughing at a Funeral

“You’re An Ugly Hooker!”

Twitter and Felix

“That Won’t Get Him A Job.”

No Need to Share All Your Opinions

Glitter in Invitations

People wearing your glasses



It was interesting to reach the end of the small season in Perth and realise that if I had put together a show for the Melbourne Comedy Festival this is what it may have resembled after four preview shows.  There would have been some differences in material (I would have had to drop some of the older stuff) but 90% of it would have been this set list.  I think it would have been a fun show too if I had followed through with it.  By the last show there were already themes beginning to make themselves apparent even though I had approached the whole thing with a very loose mindset.

There was one new routine that turned up at the beginning of the show as I recounted my contact with the three guys on meth from the previous night.  This felt like it could be the beginning of something interesting so I'll hold onto that ad libbed routine and see if it blossoms over the next few gigs.  Otherwise my suspicion that I am possibly a "gentler" comedian when left to my own devices seemed to be confirmed at the end of this gig.  I guess because I am blogging about every gig I am looking for more insights than I normally would but it did appear that there was an interesting difference between solo show performances and ensemble/line up performances.  I'm going to spend the next few weeks exploring that in the smaller gigs I will be partaking in, see if that is something I can build on.

This brings an end to a glut of gigs and for the next few weeks they are well spaced out. On the one hand this is frustrating as I know how sharp I can be when I am performing constantly.  Yet with a real desire to continue work on some other projects this will provide me with a good opportunity to really get some creative fire burning.



The Perth International Comedy Festival ended up being a lot of fun from the women who run the festival to the people who attended my show.  I hope I can return to Perth sooner rather than later as I really had a great time.


Justin Hamilton

5th of May, 2013

Fitzroy North