Gig 52: The Comic's Lounge

It turns out I was right! Before you go any further though, you should probably read my last entry here.

You've skimmed through that last post?  Excellent.

So yesterday about two minutes after I posted the blog I received on my personal Facebook page a message from a woman who had earlier in the day requested we be "friends".  She had posted on my page a link to an article about the male camel toe.  I was surprised because I'd just posted the blog minutes beforehand and couldn't believe she'd read it so quickly.  Turns out she hadn't read the blog, she'd been sitting in The Comic's Lounge the previous night and she was one of the women who had been laughing at my jeans being too tight.  I fucking knew it!  It turns out I'm a ninja because I not only had the ability to walk onstage, entertain 500 people, think of ways to change up my set while wondering where the two front tables had gone, but I can also hear a laugh in the dark and pinpoint exactly that it was about my junk.  When I tell people I am self aware and they think I'm talking myself up they don't realise I'm not bragging, I'm just stating a fact.  Grass is green, the sky is blue and I am completely across who I am.  Like a ninja!

I had a few friends ask me if I was embarrassed about this but what you have to remember is that I'm 40, who really cares if my jeans were too tight and women were staring at my bathing suit area.  What is done is done.  I'll just have fun talking about it at The Shelf on Monday night.  If you can refrain from telling Adam Richard that would be amazing as I like to tell him this type of stuff onstage to get a true reaction out of him.  That is what my life boils down to:  an excuse to have more material.  I also see this as absolute validation that I know how to read a crowd.  Most people would be shattered by this revelation but I see this as validation.  Ha!

All joking aside I appreciated the people who wrote to me after attending that gig who attempted to allay my fears.  Turns out you were wrong and I was right but it doesn't mean I don't appreciate the effort!

Now onto last night's gig.

Long day again yesterday with a meeting at 9.30am, time spent writing my final Fan Fiction Comedy piece for Sunday's show, I popped in to watch some of the Doug Anthony All-Stars DVD launch (Paul and Tim will be appearing at the final The Shelf on didn't hear it from me...), then it was off to film something for The Shelf after which I went to see Lessons with Luis (I think there is some real rivalry between Luis and Luelin...Len has his work cut out for him) before finally arriving at the Lounge.  This was the night I really chopped and changed the set introducing some older material to shake things up:


Hen's Night

Mount Isa

Turning 40

Car Crash in Adelaide

Port Power Supporters in Adelaide

Hairy Baby

Invite Who You Want To Parties

Being An Arsehole

Little Boy Joke

Gym Conversation

Tripping and Farting

Embarrassing Moment One on One

Getting Angry as I Get Older

No Need to Share All Your Opinions

Glitter in Invitations

People wearing your glasses



I have to say I wasn't feeling this one.  The audience was packed and there didn't appear to be anyone laughing at my junk but there were some groaners in the audience. This happens sometimes.  The groaners last night were people in the audience who obviously thought I was being too harsh on my imaginary ugly baby or I was being cruel about a fairy exploding (if you have seen me perform you will know the routines I am talking about.)  It is amazing that people can react this way when quite clearly I don't have a child (fingers crossed) or a fairy (fingers uncrossed).  What ends up happening though is you begin to judge the audience on these few groaners and they were contributing to a lack of energy in the room.  I then decided to do some audience participation to get them back on track.  The "Embarrassing Moment One on One" is such an old piece but it forces the audience to interact and throw out suggestions which is not a bad thing when it is late at night.  The gig ended up being juiced from that moment on so the end of the night finished on a bang.

I am not certain where that interactive material came from on the night.  I hadn't thought about it in years but it just presented itself when I needed it and I'm glad that it did. After the gig I was lucky enough to meet some young fans who were really articulate and polite, nice young men who had seen me for the first time.  I was glad that while I may have been judging certain sections of the audience I used that as motivation find my way into their world a little more rather than just going through the motions and marking my time.  I have to be honest and say that in the past there have definitely been some gigs where this has happened.  Even though the audience might have had a good time you have definitely cheated them in some way.  It was nice to have some level of maturity and experience to call on and turn that gig around so it ended up being a positive experience.


And I didn't think of my junk once.

Nice work stretched out jeans!


Justin Hamilton

13th of April, 2013

Fitzroy North