Gig 30: Oakleigh Music Festival

A short entry today as this was a straight up hosting job. The Oakleigh Music Festival was in need of someone who could introduce the mayor and guests at the beginning of the day, introduce bands throughout the day and drop information at any given point when needed.  It was a long day but the people I worked with were very laid back and fun to work with.

Bands included youngsters Seattle Fix, reggae infused Sol Nation, rocking country in the form of Cash Savage and the Last Drinks, legend Chris Wilson, old school Mick Pealing and the Prairie Oysters and Rockwiz's Ross Hannaford and The Critters.  After flying back from the Middle East on Friday this was the perfect laid back gig to kick off the next chapter of shows back in Australia.



No setlists this time kids, this was not the type of gig to try and drop some carefully worded gags at.  Straight up hosting can sometimes be just what you need and playing off the cuff was right where I needed to be.


Justin Hamilton

17th of March, 2013

Fitzroy North