Gig 17: Sit Down Comedy Club

I'm still sick blah blah blah. It really is just annoying now and has really affected the way I perform.  I enjoy coming to Brisbane and performing at the Sit Down Comedy Club as the gigs are always fun and the people behind the scenes are good friends of mine.  To be waylaid by a dumb cold is just frustrating.

Last night's gig was a good Friday night audience with two exceptions.  The table at the very front of the room was the last to arrive for the gig (usually a bad sign) and consisted of people attending a 30th birthday celebration.  Within the group was a loud woman who consistently mistook the opening bracket as a direct conversation.  All the way through Mark McConville's opening she kept piping up and expounding her less than funny opinions for everyone around her to hear.  This is particularly tough on the host because he's attempting to warm up the crowd, set up the night, encourage the audience's trust and once he's achieved this he is rewarded with bringing on the first act to reap the benefits.  I thought Mark did a good job dealing with her as did my flatmate for the week Mike Goldstein as the first act.  There was even a brief moment when Kate Rudge (a funny comedian in her own right who works for the S.D.C.C.) slinked her way to the woman who was talking and asked her very politely to remember there were paying customers there who were much more interested in the comedians than her.  The woman (who had long blonde hair and was draped in a dress that was the height of fashion in the 80's...and no I don't think there was a hint of irony with her attire) left at the end of the first bracket to go outside to have a cigarette.  She never returned and I was lucky enough to hear her talking outside to someone on her phone:

"Yeah, I don't know what their problem was, it's a fucking comedy night, not my fault if I was funnier than them."

This is often the refuge of the idiot heckler, that they're adding to the night and they have anything remotely interesting to say.  What was disappointing was that as the night progressed more and more of the people at the table retired upstairs to keep her placated rather than watch the show.  The few that remained until the end of the night had a great time.  This woman and her selfish behaviour ruined her friend's 30th birthday party. Personally I would have told her to go and shit in her hat.

Over to the left hand side of the stage was a table with two men and two women, one couple, two "just" friends.  The men at this table were humourless and arrogant, constantly leaving to buy drinks and one of them even rude enough to take a phone call while one of the comedians was performing.  Luckily it was Sam Campbell who decided to be introduced as Donald Secrets, the bad boy of Brisbane comedy.  His act wasn't for everyone but it made me laugh a lot and finished with Sam onstage dressed like this:



As you can see there is only person left at the table and I unfortunately just missed the douche taking the call.  Suffice to say his reaction to Sam's heartfelt final routine was completely lost on him.  Soulla Pants was on after Sam and did another excellent job as well, her stand up has taken a nice step forward since I last saw her perform.  Here's a tip for aspiring comedians:  if you're talking to audience members at the front of the stage remember to repeat what they say to you.  If you don't repeat it, what happens is the rest of the audience at the back of the room only hears your side of the conversation.  You might knock it out of the park with some well timed zingers but if we don't hear their inadvertent set ups we're left in the dark.  It is an easy skill to forget but one worth cultivating.

My setlist was as follows:


Gym Conversation

Breaking Up Through History

Turning 40

Not Tall Enough To Be 40

Car Crash in Adelaide

Invite Who You Want To Parties

Being An Arsehole

Little Boy Joke

Fix Your Flaws:  I Over Think


Twitter and Felix

No Need To Share All Your Opinions

Glitter in Invitations

People wearing your glasses



I chopped and changed a bit by flipping the opening routines from the Jupiter's Casino gig and adding some routines right at the end that I haven't performed in probably close to six months.  They're older routines (the Spooning routine has been coming in and out of my set for nearly eight just pops up for a while and then disappears again) but fun to perform and I have no idea where they came from.  I haven't thought of these jokes in ages but suddenly they were being performed before I'd even had time to think about it.  Luckily I could remember how they worked or it could have been a dud end to the gig. Unfortunately I could yet again feel my voice beginning to give out on me at around the twenty minute mark and had to really concentrate on not doing anymore damage.  I've woken up today feeling slightly better but I fear that I will not be in great shape after tomorrow morning's return flight to Melbourne.



On Thursday night we had to deal with the trashiest person I've met in a long time but this was evened out by the people I met last night.  First up Kiesten McCauley not only came to watch the show but also had made me a tin full of cocoanut rough biscuits.  Apart from putting on fifteen stone just looking at them they were delicious and you can find the recipe here.  How I stopped at two I will never know.  I also had a young girl called Renay and her brother Gavin drive down from Noosa to watch the show.  Renay is a fan of some of the podcasts I produce but had never seen me live so made the loooooong trip to check out the gig, which was very sweet of them, I was quite chuffed actually. Couple that with some really good friends who live up here also attending it ended up being a fun end to the night and certainly made up for a few of the idiots that seemed to have been orbiting the gigs of late.

Justin Hamilton

16th of February, 2013

Paddington, Brisbane