Gig 11: The Hawthorn Hotel

The Hawthorn Hotel is a relatively new room that used to host comedy shows on a Thursday night but has decided to move to Friday nights as of this year. Tony Besselink, Tegan Higginbotham and Daniel Moore made up the first half of the gig with John Conway keeping it all together as host.  I used this gig as an opportunity to place some material together in an order that I could possibly use as a future headline spot.  I'm also performing at the Perth Comedy Festival later in the year (tickets can be purchased here) so I'm mixing and matching a lot of material to see what has a natural fit and will come together to make a show.

The setlist was as follows:


Turning 40

Car Crash in Adelaide

Invite Who You Want To Parties

Not Tall Enough To Be 40

Fix Your Flaws:  I Over Think


Bad Dates

Tripping and Farting

Being An Arsehole

Little Boy Joke

No Need To Share All Your Opinions


Before I was introduced I suddenly felt a little flat.  I always like a little flutter of nerves but this was the opposite, I was having a bit of trouble concentrating and remembering my setlist.  I think it was because I'd had a long day of writing and meetings.  One meeting in particular was with my management discussing the pros and cons about attending the Edinburgh Fringe this year, my desire for a challenge needing to be weighed up against the issues the festival throws at you.  It is an important decision to make considering how much money it costs to produce a show over there.  We'll get back to this over the next two weeks while I weigh up my management's assessment against some friends who are living and working in the UK.  I also just agreed to a quick tour overseas in March but I'll have to leave that for a future instalment.  It is definitely not something I ever saw myself ever being a part of so that in itself makes it quite thrilling.

As for the tiredness, this is what happens when stand up becomes a job, you aren't always inspired and you can lack a bit of energy.  Friday was the first time I hadn't been to the gym all week and I wonder if that had anything to do with my lack of attentiveness?  I always perform better when I'm physically active and being stuck behind a desk or at meetings does not lend itself to the buoyancy I like to have onstage.



I doubt anyone would have known this though.  I found in the "Bad Dates" material a bit of a cruel streak that; while not intended; I didn't like.  At times when you're not quite on your game you can really discover what works and doesn't work for some material. I could possibly not bother about making any changes as it still worked but I just didn't like it so I'm going to take that material and re-work it so that type of approach can't slip in again.

Even though I felt flat I probably came away from this gig learning the most about the new material.

Justin Hamilton

2nd of February, 2013

Fitzroy North