Gig Number Six: The Comic's Lounge

It was back to The Comic's Lounge on Saturday night in an effort to get back into gigging shape. Last night I had an excellent reaction but I was a bit off my game.  Some jokes took three sentences to get to instead of one.  At one point I confused the order of jokes in one routine.  The audience didn't notice but I did so I knew I could have been better.  My idea then was to do the exact same routine from the night before but with a bit of spit and polish.

The last two nights were excellent because I was performing with two of my closest friends on the circuit.  This is not always the case.  Often you perform with people you get along with but you might really only have your profession in common.  Now and again you perform with arseholes.  In the end it is like any job.  Adam Rozenbachs and Lehmo are two guys I'd be friends with even if we didn't have our jobs in common.

Backstage there were a lot of jokes flying back and forth at each other's expense.  I heard that Lehmo had copped a bit of flack from everyone for performing a longer set on Wednesday night at the Lounge and I took this opportunity to join in.  If you walk into a conversation amongst comedians you can usually tell if they get along by whether they're teasing each other.  On Friday night Dil Jayasinha, a young comedian we really like, was recording his set and made the mistake of leaving it in a place where Rozie and I could find it.   We recorded some scathing suggestions while he was onstage which, to our delight, he found later that night.  Childish?  Yes indeed but we did this because we like Dil and we knew Dil would laugh when it turned up.  If we didn't like Dil we wouldn't have noticed he was recording his set.



Since it was a great night with Lehmo, Rozie, Dil, Sammy Harrison and Aussie comedy legend Brad Oakes, I made certain I was more focused on my set that the Friday night gig. Suffice to say my performance was much better.  The irony being that I didn't think it went quite as well as the night before.  It is funny, to the untrained ear you would have thought they were the same but on Friday night the laughs came quickly where on Saturday night it felt like the audience was a beat behind me even though I was much sharper.  This is what makes stand up fun.  You can perform the same material every night but all audiences are different and therefore will laugh harder at some jokes, completely miss others and always keep you on your toes.

Here's the setlist:

Turning 40

Car Crash in Adelaide

Invite Who You Want To Parties

Being An Arsehole

Little Boy Joke

Toward the end of the night I sat at the bar with Oaksey while he regaled me with stories about touring with our old friend Dave Grant.  Oaksey had me in stitches and we both agreed we missed the great man.

I caught a lift with Lehmo and on the way home made a comment that; much to my joy; made him laugh so hard that his eyes closed to the point where he couldn't see where he was driving.  What was the comment I made? Oh look, we've run out of time, I'll save it for another blog...maybe...

Justin Hamilton

20th of January, 2013

Fitzroy North