Gig Number Five: The Comic's Lounge

I'm going to keep this entry brief as I have a whole season at The Comic's Lounge during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival so there is going to be plenty to write about. In my desire to get back into the game as quickly as possible I asked the owners if I could jump up at the start of Friday and Saturday night to do some short spots.  With good friends Lehmo (Headlining) and Adam Rozenbachs (Hosting) that would make for a fun show to be a part of.  It was also going to be fun being the first act for the night. I cannot remember the last time I was the opening act in this venue, it may have been over ten years ago.



Before the gig began I was uncertain of which material I wanted to use.  I had plenty of ideas but couldn't settle on an order that I found satisfying.  It can be more difficult to put together a 5-7 minute spot than it is a 35 minute headline spot.  I wanted the material to be punchy and get in and out before the audience knew what hit them.  As Adam introduced me I literally decided which material I would use.  This is usually a fun thing to do when you're in the middle of a lot of gigs but last night I think it didn't help me at all.

I have to stress the gig went really well but I know that I am still a bit off my game.  As an example where I could get to certain jokes in one sentence I was taking three.  The rhythm was still off and I placed some of the stories in the wrong order, forgetting one and then remembering to place it in later.  This isn't something the audience would notice but if I want to get back to the heights I was hitting last year I need to fix this sooner rather than later.

The setlist was the opening to my headline spots from the end of last year:

Turning 40

Car Crash in Adelaide

Invite Who You Want To Parties

Being An Arsehole

Little Boy Joke

I was booked to do 5-7 minutes and ended up doing just under 9 so a little bit over but nothing too terrible.  The gig went well but at this point I know I can be better.  In the past I would have been down on myself about not quite nailing a spot but now I reconcile myself with the fact that this is all part of the process and is also why I have booked in some open mic.  I'm glad I picked the opening of my new headline set as it is going to help me in the long term especially heading into a big season of closing shows.

I'm back at The Comic's Lounge on Saturday night, 26 Errol Street, North Melbourne with Lehmo, Rozie, Sammy Harrison, Brad Oakes and Dil Jayasinha.

Justin Hamilton

19th of January, 2013

Fitzroy North