The Man Who Left The Earth

David Bowie is 65 today. I have been a fan of his work for 29 years.  He is easily the greatest and longest love of my life.  His music has been such a big part of my life that it permeates the soundtrack to my existence.  I am a fan through and through to such an extent I can find songs I genuinely love on albums like Tonight, Never Let Me Down and horror of horrors, Tin Machine 2.  After his heart attack scare he has disappeared from public life, emerging here and there to make little appearances before fading from the spotlight again.  He hasn’t released an album since 2003.  I have been completely selfish in my desire for new music if not a tour of some sort.

The man is 65.  He has earned his retirement.

I think this article here sums it up perfectly.

I find it remarkable the influence he’s had on my work; in particular the solo shows I have written.  Anyone who saw the “Three Colours Hammo” shows would know the significance of his music on the third chapter, “Hamilton and His Sisters”.  If there were any real reason to become mega successful it would be to attain a position where I could sit down and thank him for all the art he has produced.  And trust me, it is all art.

I met him once.  I squeezed a laugh out of him.  He waved to me at a show in Adelaide.  That is probably the only time I will ever meet him but it was pretty special, probably the highlight of my career.

Bowie is 65.

I hope he’s enjoying his golden years.

Justin Hamilton

Fitzroy North

January 8th, 2012