End of Year Catch Up

In the last week I received a few emails asking me where my blog had gone?  This was confusing as I was certain it wasn’t that long ago that I last wrote one and so I checked my site only to find oops, it actually was ages ago.  Too many things going on and not enough time in the day, week or month.  So a quick catch up is long overdue. First up the writing for my next Melbourne Comedy Festival Show “The Goodbye Guy” has turned out to be more difficult than usual.  I have decided this will be my final festival show for the foreseeable future.  Time to do something else.  Time to be somebody new.  Writing a show takes roughly 6 months and then you have a couple of months enjoying the show before it is time to think of a new show.  After 13 solo shows, 6 duo shows, 1 sketch comedy show and a play it is time to work on something else.  At this point in time the show is all about goodbyes and the fluidity of identity, a topic that people who watched “Circular”, “The Killing Joke” and “Goodbye Ruby Tuesday” carefully will realise is a topic I am quite fascinated with.  I will still continue to perform stand up comedy but I will be saving the big ideas for something else.

The podcasts will continue.  I will wrap “Can You Take This Photo Please?” up for the year soon and “The Shelf” podcast will continue if Adam Richard is free to play with the members of the gang.   Otherwise we’ll be back in January spruiking our second season of “The Shelf” at the Toff in February.  “Helliar and Hammo Dig Flicks!” will continue as soon as Peter Helliar and I can find spare time that coincides with us both being free.  Look for new stuff in the New Year.

I am currently finishing off draft number six of my manuscript “The Comedian”.  For those who haven't heard about it this follows the adventures of a male comedian at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.  It is written from his point of view and he is equal parts infuriating, funny, moody and despicable.  I also turn up in the novel and he doesn’t like me very much.  I’m having a ball playing with this.  When I have more to announce I will.

I will be in Adelaide during the Fringe time hosting and booking “All-Star Late Night Comedy” down at “Gluttony”.  This will be an 11.45pm show and will run Thurs-Sat.  An hour of comedy power, this will feature the best comedians in the country hitting it as hard as possible giving you plenty of time to drink more, eat a souvlaki and be rejected when you try to pick someone up with tabouli sticking out of your teeth.  11 shows only so make certain you book early for these bad boys.

Next Monday I fly to Sydney to meet one of my heroes.  I’ll talk about that one later.

I have a big idea for a young adult novel featuring a girl in Adelaide who can save the world if she so chooses.  It will combine all of my interests ranging from rock and roll to metaphysics wrapped up in an over the top showdown that will be every child’s fantasy.  This is a long way off; I just wanted you to know what I am thinking about at this very moment.

Did anyone see the Queen doco on ABC2?  Brilliant stuff.  It has reminded me how much I loved Queen and Freddie Mercury in particular.  This doco has totally changed the feel of “The Goodbye Guy” and I’m looking forward to threading their music through this final show.  To give you a taste of the last show you will be hearing stories that revolve around holiday names, purple cows, star light and how to say a final goodbye.  If you like stand up that revolves around someone making fun of the latest reality TV show and impersonations of the last dickhead celebrity (Bear Grylls is the new Crocodile Hunter was the new Arnie was the new Yoda) then you may want to steer clear.  This will be for fans and fans alone.  It will be fun so make certain you don’t leave it too late if you want to come along, you won’t get another chance in the near future to see this type of show from me.

Ok, I’m outta here, things to do, people to be and see.

Justin Hamilton

Fitzroy North

9th of December, 2011