Bits and Pieces from NZ

Once again the gigs in New Zealand have been a lot of fun.  I like it over here.  I like being out of Australia.  I don’t feel very comfortable at home at the moment so it is good to get away, reinvent myself and be someone new.  I am dreading coming home tomorrow as it is back to the same way of life.  I’ve had a desire of late to sell everything and travel the world.  I feel stale in my life.  I find that due to my personality and nature it is okay for my friends to act uncharitable because they know I’ll just understand and let them off the hook.  When it comes back their way I’m left out to hang.  It is a major flaw in my personality that I take this stuff to heart. I am embracing the imperfections of life.  I’ve been dreaming wistfully of the hiss of a record as the needle rides up and down in its grooves.  There is a new trend for some photographers to use vintage cameras with old school film to take more creative pictures that lack the predictability of the modern camera.  I understand where they’re coming from.  I miss the hit and miss nature of my business.  Young boys and girls embrace the tropes of stand up to such an extent that they have all the moves and the cadence of an experienced performer but lack the creativity that can only come with mistakes made.  Either that or I’m slowly sliding out of touch.  This is definitely a possibility.

I am slightly excited by the idea of the movie The Avengers.  Here is the trailer.  This was the first comic that I collected as a young fella and it is mind boggling to me that this movie has been made.  I was lucky enough to have lunch with Joss Whedon last year when Wil Anderson interviewed him in Sydney.  We bonded over a love of Grant Morrison and talked about what he was hoping to achieve with this movie.  I find it disappointing that comic books are accepted in the mainstream.  I miss the old days of only having my friend Cain Maddern to talk to about the latest issues of Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns.  Meeting another person who collected comics felt like meeting another member of a secret cult.  Now every one seems to be across Spider-Man’s motto, Batman’s reasons for being a hero and Wonder Woman’s struggles in regaining mainstream relevance.  Ironically comic books barely sell at the clip they used to just as they enter the vernacular of every Bruce. Clark and Diana in the street.

I’ve been listening to Alanis Morisette’s disappointing album “Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie”.  Disappointing because it didn’t have the follow up hits that “Jagged Little Pill” was chock full of.  I quite like this album.  Not cool I know but go fuck yourself if you have a problem with it and feel a need to write something on my Facebook page promoting how much better you are for thinking she is shit.  This album is full of interesting sounds and different looks.  I like her voice and that she avoided the easy follow up album.  It is obviously full of songs she wanted to sing instead of felt she had to sing.  I don’t think the album is perfect.  It is too long for starters.  Just because a CD can host more songs it doesn’t mean it should.  Some of my favourite albums only have six to eight songs.  (“Station to Station” and “Young Americans” come to mind.)  She’s also mad for too many lyrics and obtuse word play but I would much rather listen to this album than the latest Rhianna offering.  Yuck.

I just bought the new Bjork album. There are apps you can download with the album that correspond with each song, allowing you to play with the music on your iPad or iPhone.  You don’t need to have the apps but they add a new level to the album.  I wonder why that circular idea would appeal to me?  I think she’s a genius; right up there with the modern masters Radiohead.

It is time to get ready for the final gig in Melbourne and then off to drink Sake with my ex manager Veronica.  Then back home for the Comedy Club and The Shelf.  Then I’m off to Perth to support Wil.  Then back for the final show of The Shelf.  Then back on the road to support Wil.

The life of the modern comic.  To quote the Narrator of Fight Club:  "If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?"  The answer?  Absolutely.

Justin Hamilton


October 12th, 2011