My New Project: A Sample

Here is the prologue to the new novel I'm working on.  It is young adult fiction and will pretty much encompass everything I love about fiction, growing up and the need for finding a way forward.  The story revolves around a little girl living in Adelaide who will one day grow up to be very important.  It will be my attempt to create an Australian mythological tale that embraces pop culture and classic story telling techniques.  Every now and then I will post a little piece for you to read so you can see how the story is progressing.  Who is the person at the beginning of this tale?  That will become clear sometime in the future.  For now I hope you enjoy this taste of my new project. Prologue

He fell backwards through time and space.

Like a shooting star passing through the night sky he tore through the fabric of the universe, burning and screaming as he descended to the world.  Animals and creatures that would one day be lost to history awoke from their slumber and began to run.  Instinct overtook reason; all they knew was that they had to get away, get away from the burning star that came towards them.

A sound like tearing metal echoed through the world.  Black clouds tumbled over each other like restless lovers.  Thunder boomed and lightning crackled as the man fell to the earth.  The sound of the crash was overwhelming.  Little animals died suddenly, their hearts giving out to the sheer terror that was all around.  The ground exploded into the sky as the rain began to fall.

Within the smoky crater the man shifted.  His skin continued to burn, continued to hurt.  He tried to see where he was but his eyes were useless and black.  One of his arms was completely gone as were both his legs.  His shattered eardrums failed to hear the wailing of screaming animals of myth as they continued their run for safety in the dark.  He reached out with his one good arm, reached up further and further, his charred fingers searching for something, someone.

“E…ly,” he whispered over blackened lips, his body smouldering as the rain came down.

Already he was beginning to heal.

And he had all the time in the world.

It would be another 50,000 years before another man would appear on these shifting shores.

Justin Hamilton

Fitzroy North

June 25th, 2011