LA Law Part Five: A-pop-alypse Now

Ah Ricky Gervais. Turns out you can be an ex con who used to sell drugs to addicts or you can be an old man who marries women that are way too young but you can’t consistently prick the bubble of the elite.  For those who haven’t seen the Golden Globes check out Ricky’s opening here.

I wouldn’t say it was a perfect hosting job.  I thought the opening Charlie Sheen joke was a bit what evs.  There was also not enough self-effacing humour or light and shade for my liking.  Having said that, it is also the exact hosting job I expected Gervais to dish out.  Let’s be honest:  he didn’t really have a crack at anyone who couldn’t take it.  The highlight of the night was watching Gervais make jokes about The Tourist and watching Johnny Depp laugh.  That is why he’s Johnny Depp and the rest of society is nowhere near as cool.

Thank goodness well known stick in the mud Sean Penn wasn’t there.  That could have lead to some violent protests as he brings his sinking boat out on stage to save the industry from taking itself too seriously.  For an industry that is peppered with well known anti-Semites, fathers who bang prostitutes and actors who believe in science fiction fairies, they really can’t cope with a fat man with bad teeth that points out the bleeding obvious.  That is why it seems to have been a hit with punters all around the world watching from the confines of their homes:  he said all the things we say to each other.

Not all the stars were mad though.  P Diddy went on the record as saying he thought it was brilliant.  Guy Pearce said it was funny.  Well-known angry dude Christian Bale thought he was hilarious.  Heck, veteran tough guy Robert DeNiro was seen laughing heartily.  So it was disappointing to see someone like Robert Downey Junior give it a bit of “Aside from the fact that it's been hugely mean-spirited with mildly sinister undertones, I'd say the vibe of the show has been pretty good so far, wouldn't you?"  Then he proceeded to do a “funny” bit that implied he’d slept with all the actresses who were nominated in the award he gave out.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I thought it was amusing because it is Downey Junior but what is worst:  a comedian going for laughs with what are obviously gags or an actor sexualizing a bunch of actresses when we should be celebrating their work and not industry stereotypes?  Don’t get me wrong; I had no problem with Downey Junior but this is how easy it is to turn nothing into something.

The best way to handle it was the way Bruce Willis gave a smirk that suggested, “Funny…and I could beat you in a fight” or Steve Carell slapping Gervais aside without even looking at him.  A bit of to and fro is fun.  Otherwise if you don’t like something you just ignore it.  Why more people didn’t use the opportunity to bring up Gervais’ terrible “The Invention of Lying” is beyond me.  Here is a man with a massive target painted all over him and not one person took a pot shot.  That is disappointing.

The best thing for Gervais is that he has the last laugh.  Everyone is still talking about him.  He is still trending on Twitter.  This is the perfect result.  And when the Oscars go to air and we’ve seen what the Anne Hathaway/James Franco duo deliver, I hazard a guess we’ll still be hearing about Gervais.

Justin Hamilton

West Hollywood

17th of January, 2011