Best Movies of 2010

For the last three years I’ve been reviewing movies for Perth’s number one radio show “Botica’s Bunch”.  Not only are they great people but also they’re crazy enough to pay me to watch movies and expound my opinion every Thursday morning as if I have any idea I know what I’m talking about.  I don’t consider myself an expert on movies.  I’ve never made or appeared in a film.  I haven’t even gotten around to producing a sex tape that can embarrass me at the moment of my greatest triumph.  At best I would say that I am a fan of movies who goes into the cinema hoping for the best. So here are my five favourite movies of the year.  I know some of these movies were released in the States last year but I’m writing from when I saw them in Australia.  These are the movies that really made me forget to eat all of my sweet snacks in the theatre.  Tomorrow I’ll write about the movies that made me want to not only gouge out my eyes but also the eyes of the people sitting next to me in the cinema.  So with further ado:

Coming in at number five with a bullet:

The Hurt Locker”.

Set in 2004, we follow an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad as they try to survive the next 38 days of their tour in Baghdad that can only be described as the Contiki Tour from Hell.  This movie was so tense that I walked out with rip roaring perfect abs.  Jeremy Renner oozes the charisma of a young Sean Penn (“Colours” Penn not Madonna Penn) in a role that sets his career up for A-grade roles rather than the supporting jobs of his past.  And any movie that features Guy Pearce for even a second is too cool for school in my books. It gives me hope that one day Toadie will end up forsaking Neighbours for Iraq sometime in the near future.

Number four with a status update:

The Social Network

When I first heard they were making a movie about the creation of Facebook I was like, what next?  A movie about the formation of Twitter? #notaninterestingstory.    As soon as I heard that David Fincher was directing a script written by Aaron Sorkin with a soundtrack by Trent Reznor I was definitely in the “Like” category.  And Jesse Eisenberg shrugs the “poor man’s Michael Cera” tag people had unfairly labeled him with (cough, cough) to present a misfit genius who at times has you laughing at his gumption, angry at his arrogance and sad at his awkwardness.  In other words, he comes across as a real person, ironically more real than most of the people you’re “friends” with on his invention.

Found at number three in the attic with the rest of your childhood:

Toy Story 3

I cannot hear a bad word about this movie.  It’s laugh out loud funny, there are moments of real anxiety where you worry about the characters and it is also incredibly poignant. I was sitting in the cinema by myself going “It’s a cartoon, they’re not real, they’re imaginary toys” while holding back actual human tears.  I was making deals with myself: “Okay, if you don’t cry in the cinema you can have a chocolate bar after the movie.  Okay then, if you cry just a little bit you can have a chocolate bar”.  At one point a kid near me said to his Mum, “Are they going to be okay?” and I had to stop myself from yelling at the Mum, “Do you know?  Tell me!  I can’t cope!”  And I hate Tom Hanks.  When the apocalypse comes I plan to fight Hanks on top of a raging volcano as the final battle of good versus evil comes to a head.  And I still love this movie.

Dreamily at number two:


How is this number two?  I don’t know, I’d give it joint number one but that just seems like cheating.  I just watched this movie again last night and it continues to reward.  Christopher Nolan smacks this baby out of the ballpark with a heist movie set within the architecture of the mind.  When people say blockbusters need to be simple for the masses to get it, Nolan gets out his Jorge Luis Borges inspired middle finger and cries havoc with a balls to the wall action flick set within a Jungian ruled world.  And the ending can please five friends who all have a different interpretation of just what it all meant.   As they say in the classics, “Fucking nice work guv’nor!”

And in at number one with a streak of grey:

Up In The Air

This was the movie for me this year as on a certain level I could relate to the character of Ryan Bingham.  No, I don’t think I look like George Clooney and no; I have never been a businessman who travels the country sacking people from their jobs.  But I do travel a lot and I do spend a lot of time alone which can lead to all sorts of terrifying situations where you can literally over think yourself into a catatonic state over just what the fuck are you doing with your life.  That and I have a number in mind of how many frequent flyer miles I want to get to.  I know one friend who didn’t like it because it was a “chick flick”.  He could not have been more wrong, this is a masculine tale set in a generation Y world that is as alien to us Gen X’ers as we were to the Baby Boomers.  This is Clooney at his best and should have garnered him Best Actor at the Oscars if it wasn’t for the even more cool Jeff Bridges finally rewarded for years of amazing work.

So that is my best five for the year, tomorrow I’ll hit with you my five worst films so if you like your blogs with more bite then make certain you check in.

Justin Hamilton

West Hollywood

20th of December, 2010