Beautiful Tales for the Disenchanted

About ten years ago my friend's son was quite ill.  To cheer him up I wrote some dumb stories to take his mind off things.  He loved Marx Brothers movies and Dumb and Dumber.  Quite the funny little fella.  The stories I wrote were basically The Littlest Hobo on acid. Once he recovered from his illness his Dad suggested I should put them on radio.  We recorded them at Triple J but due to mismanagement behind the scenes they were left on the shelf for a number of years before getting a small run.  By that time I had moved on and never thought about them again.

Now my friend's son is an adult and he talked to me about the series.  I was inspired to go back and have a look and found the stories to be silly and fun.  So I called in Hannah Norris (who starred in my show "Goodbye Ruby Tuesday") and another good friend actor Dave Bailiht to help with the voices.  Then my mate Andy Maher who did all the brilliant production on the Finger Knuckle adverts in my show "Idiot Man Child" came on board to help out with all the heavy lifting.  Then to top it off my fellow comic Tommy Dassalo (one half of the Little Dum Dum Club) pitched in with illustrations.

This is the first chapter of the mysterious Stranger and his pet monkey Lou.  They're simple stories over brimming with optimism and a lack of cynicism that hopefully provide a little bit of a chuckle.

This is "Beautiful Tales for the Disenchanted" and you can view episode one here.


Justin Hamilton

West Hollywood

7th of December 2010