Justin Begins

We’re back, shinier and sexier than ever. In a big Nolanesque reboot we’ve put aside the grunge of the past and have embraced the sleek lines and deep blues of the future. Not only will you be entertained with new blogs, fascinating asides and general drivel but also if you click on “Circular” you can begin to experience a stand up comedy show for the baby millennium. As no one once said, “with thicker glasses comes greater responsibility”. We’ll continue to ratchet up the rhetoric that clearly engages most people and infuriates a few others. I look forward to your adulation and your insults, usually in the same message.

A big thank you to the good men at Blaster UTD who are always willing to spruik up a site while discussing a fondness for Ryan Reynolds in any manner of movie. Check out their site to discover not only where the cool kids are but also what they’re getting up to when the rest of us are trying to hide the body.

Finally I’m off to LA for a three-month odyssey and won’t be back in this beautiful country we call Orstraya until festival time. While there I will keep you informed of what is going down in our era’s Roman Empire and will have plenty of announcements once I’m settled in Hollywood. Even writing that makes me feel like I’m entering a fictional tale in a fictional land and I’m sure the stories that it inspires will fuel the fire for a long time. Next year is a big year but no Adelaide Fringe or Sydney Comedy seasons so if you want to hang out you’re going to have to make more effort. For those of you in Melbourne it will be good times and opaque alibis ahoy.

That’s it for now. Take care and don’t forget to take no shit from no one, y’hear?

And here we go…

Justin Hamilton Fitzroy North November 15, 2010