The Site is a Sight for Bored Eyes

To whom it may concern…man, woman or other,

When it came time to join the 21st Century and finally have a website that represented all my insane ramblings, counter culture time bombs and “wish I hadn’t written that when I was drunk” posts, I looked far and wide for a team of internet boffins that could make me look groovy to the young while pampering to my out of date old man skills.  I came across Blaster United one night as their leader (or at least the one who claimed to be their leader) hid amongst the flotsam jetsam of riff raff that fill the streets when no one is looking.  We talked about many things nerdy and cool; relevant and irrelevant; hip and gaudy.  Our conversation resembled an episode of “Home and Away” as directed by David Lynch and by the end of it I’d signed my life and site away with the blood of the dude sitting next to me at the bar.  (There is no way I would use my own blood…I’m afraid of needles and blood…a typical comedian in other words.)

Over the next couple of weeks the leader and his team of merry Blasters took my vague ideas and fantastical wishes; slowly transforming them into a site that not only made me look way cooler than I ever hoped to be but also gave it the steering capabilities even an idiot man child could handle.  In fact they proved to me how easy it was to navigate by time travelling a member of Homo Erectus from the past, let him (or her) play with it for a second and then subsequently wrote my first blog written for me without a second thought.  From there I felt positive that I could master this site from the future and have continued to use it without accidentally locking up the site anymore than twice. 

Blaster-United are the future of cool sites and manipulation of the time/space continuum often referred to as the Internet.  They make it easy for the uneducated and make it progressive for those who don’t deserve to be.  Imagine slapping some make up on Grandma and then thinking you wouldn’t mind having a crack.  That is the power of Blaster-United.

Lets hope they use their power for good.

Justin Hamilton

Fitzroy North

10th of May, 2010