Australian Media: Dullsville City Limits

Wow.  My pal Wil Anderson is really copping a pasting in the media and for what?  Writing some jokes about the Logies on Twitter.  Now whether you’re a fan of Wil’s or not I’m pretty certain the job of any comedian is to make some gags.  Comedy is subjective.  You will either laugh or you won’t.  Either way he’s doing his job and from the reaction of most people in this country he’s doing a pretty good at it.  Heck, he was even nominated for a Logie.  The Logies are a popularity contest so if you think Wil isn’t funny you’re allowed to think that but to claim he isn’t funny is just wrong.  The Logies and the “People’s Choice Award” at this year’s Melbourne Comedy Festival attests to that.

Some of the commentators to have a crack at Wil are the funniest.  Peter Timbs who you may remember was at the centre of the “Dancing Doona” scandal on Big Brother has said that Wil was out of line.  I guess copping a handjob on national TV would make Pete an expert in that regard.  Funnily enough the “celebrity” who probably should have had the biggest beef with Wil is Brian McFadden yet he’s come on out and said that Wil is a comedian and everyone should be able to laugh at him or herself.  I can’t believe that it took McFadden to come out and tell the truth to the country.

And that is what kills me most.  We used to have such a great sense of humour that we were known for it all over the world.  Now we’re so conservative and scared of offending we’re becoming boring.  We’re so desperate to be the big dogs that we can’t laugh at ourselves.  Whether it is our sportsmen who can’t take a joke (I’m looking squarely at you Australian Cricket team) or our comedians who dumb themselves down to be more accessible or our actors who settle for reality TV jobs, we’re all so desperate to score that TV Week cover we’ve lost the ability to be inventive, self deprecating or just plain funny.  When a food critic is winning the Graham Kennedy Award I despair for our comedic future.  When no one is talking about the winners a few days later but would rather talk about Karvan’s boob/f-bomb explosion and people’s tweets I get an ice cream headache.  When the few people I know who watched the Logies tell me Bert was “inoffensive” and nothing else I weep for any creativity or spark that we once had.

And I thank goodness for Twitter and Wil Anderson.  He has almost single handedly done something no one at the Logies has achieved since Kennedy himself.

He made the Logies interesting.

Justin Hamilton

Fitzroy North

4th May, 2010