Movie Maniac

I get too caught up in the movies.

Not all movies, lets not get too crazy here.  I’m not one of those people who watch Avatar and upon leaving the cinema is crushed because I don’t live on Pandora.  If anything I felt nothing but relief I wasn’t trapped in that world which people claim looks amazing but to me looked more like panel van artwork.

No, I mean the movies that live on the edge of reality.  The movies that suggest you could be that person.  To an extent I find myself picking up habits of the characters I watch and relate to most.  George Clooney in “Up in the Air” is addicted to his frequent flyer miles.  Suddenly I’m agreeing to a new American Express card that allows me to gather more points at a better rate.  I see Matt Damon in “Green Zone” and see him running through the streets of Baghdad without breaking a sweat.  I now find myself at the gym running for miles and miles while lifting heavier weights.  Am I going to Iraq?  No.  So where am I going to use this new indestructible body?  I don’t know, maybe when I have to run to make the lights before they change?  Then I can make the other side and feel good about how I haven’t broken a sweat.  Yeah, that’s living.

I judge people on their tastes in movies as well.  Someone can have diametrically opposed beliefs in just about every aspect of life and I’ll be fine but if someone says to me they think the Dark Knight is over rated then I have no issue in dismissing their opinion forever.  Just recently I had someone that I quite like say that they thought “Michael Clayton” was shit house, that “Batman Begins” would have been better if he never became Batman until the very final scene and Brad Pitt did no acting in “Benjamin Button”. 

“You are just wrong!” I exclaimed pointing my finger with determination at the table.  I wanted to stick it through his eye to make my point but thought that may have been overreacting.  Everyone laughed.  Look at the way Justin is telling someone his or her opinion is wrong.  He is so funny.  I wasn’t laughing.  I have emotionally annexed this person into a part of my life that is covered in dust because it is no longer used.  I don’t feel bad about this because this person has revealed to me that their taste is quite clearly in their arse.  Later that night a mutual friend told me it is unfair to be a snob towards someone just because of his or her taste in movies.  I now no longer talk to that person either.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t want everyone to have the same taste as me.  That would be dull.  One of my best friends is a guy called Tom and we sometimes agree on movies and sometimes don’t.  We can disagree with each other in a way that elicits respect from each other.  We’re the Pomeranz and Stratton of our neighbourhood.  And besides, if he did say something crazy like Nice Cage is the greatest actor of his generation, I’d just figured he’d gone mental and stop calling him.

Sometimes I find myself sitting at home, alone, wondering if I’ve gone too far.  Maybe I’ve been too hard.  Maybe I’ve been too uncompromising.  Then I catch my reflection in the mirror and realise I look like Al Pacino at the end of Godfather Two and I know everything is going to be just fine.

Justin Hamilton

Fitzroy North

23rd March, 2010