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Science Proves That Phil Collins Is the Face of God!

The Adelaide Fringe is just around the corner, lurking in the alley with it’s bright coloured make up and ready for action pants, waiting for that perfect moment when it leaps out to take you by surprise.  Enjoy the way the Fringe looks at the beginning as it prances about on it’s high heels flaunting it’s finely toned physique because you know after three and a half weeks it will be flabby, stinking of booze and carrying it’s broken shoes alongside it’s broken dreams. 

What many people don’t realise is that the Garden of Earthly Delights gets a head start on the Fringe and opens it’s fair gates a week early.  Come down and enjoy some of the best shows the Fringe has to offer before the Clipsal 500 crowd descend over the grounds not unlike the zombies in 28 Days Later. If you’re afraid of crowds this is a good time to check out shows without the fear of being stuck in a conversation with someone who has had an affair with Mike Rann or believes the Mall’s brass pigs actually talk to them.  This is the time for those who enjoy fine wine, fine arts and Ralph Feinnes to come down and get their Fringe on before anyone else knows.

Botched Surgery Leaves Malls Balls Still Unable to Drop!

So get down and get back up.  You’re not doing anyone good down there.  Go and see shows.  Get out of your cabin and check out the Arts.  The Internet will still be there and you can always download the episodes you miss of Gossip Girl at a later date. 

And two gold passes to Willy Wonkas for those who recognise which possum stole their chips last Fringe!

The Adelaide Fringe:  Just like a chocolate milkshake but Fringey!


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